Top 5 Games For PS4 This 2020: You Won’t Even Believe it’s Free!

Get ready gamers, time sure is flying fast and if you are a ps4 gaming fanatic – there’s a lot in store for you this year. It’s exciting to know that there are plenty of new games being released, from frenetic fight shooting, epic role-plays games to the multiplayer online battle arena. Here are the best PS4 games in store for you this 2020 and I have more good news, so keep reading.

Before you get too over excited to browse and get your console and credit card ready for this exciting new games, let me tell you first that all of these games are for free, yes you heard it right! Free. Definitely not a joke, so if you own a PS4, then free games are just a click away and you can download mind-blowing, rockstar games legally and without any update on your console. So get your fully loaded electronics and games console ready and you will be surprised by the count of interesting games that can be downloaded!

Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2

Get ready to fight for survival in this extensive 6v6 Multiplayer game. This online game enables you to compete with players all across the globe and you will not need the enormous Gundam franchise fees from the movies and TV shows since you can download this game totally for free. There will be twelve players on this game which will be split into two teams of six that’s going to head out to the battlefield either barehanded or totally packed up with fancy mechanical battle suits. Unlock more suits while playing or quickly get as much as you want by purchasing with real money. There are 130 awesome mechas you that can make you all fancy and show off straight away.


Tired of being placed as an aerial observer in the middle of the battle? We all know it’s common for most MOBA games. Now with Smite, it will all be new since, with this game, you will be right across your mighty character ready to fight opposing heroes and minions in a goal to destroy their Titan and be victorious in the match. Be one of the hundred Gods, this game has to offer and the game is very easy, especially for beginners, all because of the automatic leveling settings for each character. Buying items and recommendations on character abilities upgrade come in handy too but don’t think it isn’t exciting at all since this game has a lot of plenty depth and tactics needed on this MOBA/third-person action game combo.


Want the same action as Mobile Legends or DOTA but played on PS4, then Genesis will be your answered prayer. We know it’s difficult to find Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games on the console. You won’t miss the thrill and excitement of League of Legends anymore since you can pick your own to take on a 5 vs 5 battle arena. The map is exciting with its all-new sci-fi theme and dynamic elements. You can play it single-player, multi-player or a VS AI campaign.


If you are into Monster Hunter, then this game is made for you! Surely, it’s going to be a thrilling mission of defeating enormous monsters then take valuable loot to spice up your gear. The game’s charming graphics and cartoonish style concept make it light and joyful to play as you find your next target.

DC Universe Online

The Ultimate game for DC lover’s out there. DC Universe Online is a massively multiplayer online RPG that lets you build your own DC story of your dreams. Create a DC character hero or make them a villain, it’s totally up to you. This game features a unique storyline that’s full of time travel, alien invasions and of course, iconic characters like Batman and Joker. Real-time combat and modification of power and weapons made this game all exciting.

Disclaimer: If you want to unlock DCUO’s later story chapter, then you might need to shell out some bucks but I say, it’s totally worth it. With its free version, you already experienced a good chunk of what the game has to offer.

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There you have it republic of gamers, if you find all of these exciting, get all of your PS4 ready and let’s all say GAME ON!

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Written by Lara Hawkins


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