Top 5 Informational Apps To Download In 2020

5 Apps To Pass Time While At Home

You sure must have planned your year 2020 to start with the best plans. You want your life to take a fresh start and above all you want yourself to become more useful and resourceful. So, when your plans are much bigger why not you get your hands on some of the great apps for this spectacular beginning of a new decade.

You should download apps that can let you bring ease in your day to day life. From utility app to informational one, travelling apps to hospitality apps, you need to get the best one. It’s good to have some social media apps in your cellphone too but why waste every other second of your precious time scrolling and peeking into other’s life and activities. You need to think big and to do something smart with your life. So, here are some of the great apps that can easily help you out.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the biggest platforms that is reputable as an academy to help you learn many different courses and subjects. You can learn your entire course line to whichever degree you have applied. From high school assignments to PHD degree exam papers, there is everything to make you prosper easily. Khan Academy is a no doubt a great platform that is easy to follow and use as well. You can learn any subject from economics to science to geography and to business studies. Considering the expanding online reach of the app, even the best application developer agency Australia is preferring to create new apps with similar purposes.


Udemy is yet another great e-learning app. This mobile app is just like Khan Academy and has an equally smart interface. Every principle is arranged perfectly leaving no loophole behind. Users can easily find whichever topic or notes they are looking for. Udemy gives a huge range of benefits even on its free version. You do not have to pay thousands of dollars to get access to most reliable information and lectures.


Goodreads is a club full of books. You can find whichever book you are looking for and start reading. The app has a lot of features from a clean and sleek interface to a well-organized functionality where every book has its own description. The topic search is simple and narrative. You can find a broad range of books available on a single topic. The best thing about Goodreads is that you do not have to purchase every single book. You can simply view the eBook version and start reading. You can create your own read list as well.


Wikipedia is a great platform to gather authentic information. Now if you can get its app in your smartphone wouldn’t it be amazing? Wikipedia is none for its authenticity and versatile topic search. You can find information on the latest products along with biographies written on well-known people. The well-versed content with completely cited sources together enhances the credibility of the platform. Not only you will get a chance to read the content but you can manage the one of your own according to the best application developer agency Australia.You can carry out Wikipedia page monitoring as well and maintain a smooth reader base.


You can watch other videos and tv channels using TeaTv App. YouTube is yet another great mobile application that has over a billion active users. The app provides a broad interface to stream videos online. You can learn new methods, get tutorials to practice new ideas and seek a lot of advantages to enhance the overall productivity of your skills. You can subscribe new channels and enhance your learning about new subjects. From finding tutorials about how to play a guitar to getting latest recipes and watching procedures to cook like a chef, everything is there on YouTube.

Wrapping Up

Get the apps that can help you learn and excel. It’s nice to add some fun in your life but the bigger goals are achieved with smart planning and devotion. So, know the purpose and aim of your life and work hard to fulfil them. However, most importantly, do check the reviews of apps first before downloading.

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Written by Lara Hawkins


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