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Top 5 Meditation Phone Apps for Daily Use

Meditation is less and less perceived as a mystical sacrament, and it becomes, as at one time a yoga, a popular way of maintaining physical health and mental balance.

It is not surprising that many programs have appeared on the mobile application market that help in the development and application of this practice. For using these meditation apps it’s important to have an experience in one or more mental or physical exercises, such as mantra meditation using prayer beads. The trainer’s choice of these mobile apps should be guided by experience in studying the varieties of meditation. If you have knowledge of choosing the best mala beads for you to get a good spiritual experience then you can use a similar method while selecting the best meditation phone app for your use.

Studies of scientists from leading universities have shown that even a very simplified form of meditation has a steady positive effect on the change in heart rate, improves metabolism and respiratory rate.


Headspace is an application with short videos about meditation. The starter pack includes 10 lessons of 10 minutes to help you understand how to meditate.

There is also a statistics page that counts the time spent in meditation. The presence of statistics helps to visualize progress and motivates to continue classes.

The application allows you to communicate with other practitioners, a system of rewards for completed meditation or completing the course is provided.

Additional meditation programs – to relieve stress, improve sleep, increase alertness, for work, sports and others, are available for a paid subscription.


In the Calm application, you can choose meditations aimed at managing stress, improving sleep, working with emotions and others. There are 10-minute programs to help you tune in for a new day or prepare for bed.

In addition, the application allows using the timer to set the duration of meditation and control breathing – sets the duration of inspiration, breath-holding and exhalation.

There are also various soothing sounds, audio stories, progress tracking. Reminders on your phone will help you practice regularly.

Insight Timer

Insight Timer – the largest free collection of meditations of various kinds in several languages ​​- more than eight thousand in all.

In addition, the application has 1000 music tracks for meditation, a timer with various calls (Tibetan bowls, sticks) the ability to configure intermediate calls to track the duration of meditation and background sounds.

Insight Timer keeps statistics of classes and allows you to communicate with practitioners around the world. Customizable reminders are also present.

Stop, Breathe & Think

Stop, Breathe & Think includes more than 30 different meditations, a timer and a breathing control function. Meditations are accompanied by instructions that help in the fight against stress, improve attention, sleep, etc.

Some of the recommendations for meditation are based on your emotional and physical state based on statistics of moods before and after meditation.

More guided meditations of various topics and options for their duration are available on a paid subscription.

Smiling Mind

In Smiling Mind, meditations are grouped by different age groups (from 7 years old) and topics: sports and meditations at the workplace and others.

You can create collaborative accounts so that you can manage them in one account. There is also a section for classroom meditation teachers.


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