Top 6 Alternatives of the SEO for Drive Traffic on Your Website

Top 6 Alternatives of the SEO for Drive Traffic on Your Website

As a marketer, you will spend more amounts of money and time on SEO in order to generate traffic. Google reports say that there are 60,000 searches for every second. Google and other search engines are one of the ways to drive traffic to your website. Your target audience and competition determines your web traffic. Sometimes Google may not bring you the desired traffic due to your target audience. It is important for you to know how to diversify your web traffic and not to rely too much on search engine optimization.  So it is the time to look for the other strategies beyond search engine optimization. Here are the lists of 6 alternative strategies that will help you to bring more traffic without search engine optimization.

  1. Create a YouTube channel:

Youtube is the second largest social media platform that has 1.5 billion active users every month. Over 30 billion people log on to watch 5 billion videos every day. This is phenomenal and with the video content getting more and more popular these days you can’t simply ignore YouTube. Google also reveals that youtube has around 3.5 billion searches every day. When you decide to market on YouTube, you are targeting the young generation peoples, because YouTube reaches the people more between the ages 18 to 49. So it is evident that you target and reach the younger generation peoples easily through YouTube.  The younger generation peoples when they grow and making decisions to buy the product that you are marketing then they will definitely consider product because, they have already aware of your product through YouTube promotions. It will definitely have an impact on your sales in the future. While sharing your video you can share the link in the description part so that the audience can know more about your product by visiting your web page. So definitely it will have an impact on your web traffic results.

  1. Start engaging on social media:

Social media proves one of the effective marketing strategies in recent days. Social media provides the opportunity to engage and entertain the audience which you cannot able to do in search engine optimization. When scrolling the news feeds and timelines the audience will look the thing that interests them.  If you can able to deliver the engaging the content definitely they will check it out by clicking your website. A study performed to analyze how social media is impacting your web traffic and the results say that social media is clearly outsmarting the search engines in terms of bringing web traffic.  So learn to use social media effectively to bring the desired traffic to your website.

  1. Use the influencer marketing strategy effectively:

It is important for you to build trust in your products. Before start buying, the customer needs to trust your product.  You can work with influencers to bringing the trust among the customers. These days almost nine out of the ten individuals are looking for online recommendations to purchase the product. The influencer marketing can bring the stamp of approval to buy your products. There are two ways to use this effectively. One is using the traditional way of making the influencers to share your posts in social media next way is paying for advertisements and making them feature in your video. If you are running a small scale business in your area it might not be possible. You can also ask the influencers to feature in your content for free. So influencer marketing is one of the best alternative strategies to increase traffic.

  1. Start using Email marketing strategy:

You may argue of using social media is effective than email marketing but in 2017 adobe’s consumer marketing survey points out that 61% of its consumer preferred email as their point of contact. This will clearly make you understand the importance of email marketing. The average click rate is higher than the Facebook ads. The average click rates for email are 3.42% whereas the average click rate for Facebook is only 0.90%. Sending personalized emails will increase the click rate and conversation rate is also higher for personalized emails.

  1. Start engaging in forums:

You can engage the audience by answering the questions posts by the peoples. People are clearing their queries through Google these days.  Start participating in conversations at the forums like Quora and reddit you can easily able to attract more customer and can bring web traffic to your website by promoting your website as well as giving an answer to their queries. Over 330 million users use Reddit in the US.

  1. Take advantage of guest posting:

Guest posting is one of the powerful tools to bring new traffic to your website. Start posting more blogs related to your products, it will definitely reflect on your sales. 57% of business marketers are using guest posting and blogging in their content marketing strategy.  You can also post your content in new websites through guest posting and it can increase your boundaries in reaching new customers.

Search engine optimization can improve your web traffic for sure but you need to look upon these six alternative strategies to additional traffic which can have the direct impact on your sales.


Author Bio:

Manish Kumar works as a content marketing head at a leading SEO company India. He has been working in this field for some time now and knows how to balance creativity and technical side of content. He loves making new content marketing strategies for his customers.

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