Top 7 AMP Plugins for WordPress Website in 2019

Top 7 AMP Plugins for WordPress Website in 2019

Nearly 62 individuals out of 100 use Internet-enabled mobile devices to browse the Global Internet. So, after seeing the trend, Google introduced AMP technology in 2015 to the market. AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages are an open standard for creating new format web pages that load quickly on all mobile devices in an easy-to-see format. Always keep in mind that such pages are ordinary web pages with a connected JS library and tags needed for faster loading on mobile devices and devices with low Internet access speeds.

To create AMP pages easily and quickly for WordPress websites, many companies use AMP plugins available on different web resources. We have studied several AMP plugins and picked up some excellent tools for you. Let’s have a look.

  1. AMP

Many WordPress developers across the globe use this plugin to create AMP pages for WordPress websites. With its help, you can make your website responsive to all mobile devices. It also helps to make websites faster. AMP debugging is the unique selling point of this plugin. It allows you to clear off all unnecessary elements in AMP pages and make them more user-friendly.

It comes with a CSS Tree Shaking feature, which allows you to deal with different CSS issues. It fully supports different WordPress themes, which helps in the smooth operation of WordPress websites. A rich library of code, support of website internationalization, customization flexibility, etc, makes this plugin the first choice for all WordPress Developers who create AMP pages.


  1. AMP for WP

You can use this plugin to help users access your website quickly on different mobile devices. The plugin has several extensions, which allows WordPress Developers to extend AMP features on WordPress websites. It also acts as a WordPress website debugging tool. With its Page Builder 3.0, you can easily create AMP pages for your website. Amazing features such as Gutenberg Support, GDPR Compliance, Alexa Metrics Compatibility, Call to Action boxes and notification bars, Comments Forms in AMP, Google Tag Manager Support, Mobile Redirection, etc, the plugin stands out of the crowd and helps you to successfully capitalize all business opportunities flowing through small screens. It is a very useful plugin for WordPress E-commerce website owners as it offers Advanced WooCommerce Support and helps them to generate more sales through mobile devices.

  1. AMP WP

After successful installation and activation, the plugin automatically adds Accelerated Mobile Page Google AMP Project functionality to WordPress websites. It enables users to access websites easily on small screens. It makes your 5 times faster on mobile devices and helps to cultivate more business opportunities.

The plugin facilitates full Google AMP Support, 100% valid AMP Contents, and is GDPR Compliant (for European countries). It is 100% Yoast SEO Compatible, which allows you to optimize websites rightfully & generate tangible results. It is 100% compatible to RTL languages. It allows you to use third-party analytics and supervise visitor’s movement on your website.

  1. AMP Plugin for WooCommerce

It is a very useful plugin for all those entrepreneurs who use WordPress to operate an E-commerce business. With its help, you can easily create AMP pages of your website for users and improve its overall performance by leaps and bounds. The plugin allows you to create AMP pages for the Shop page, Category page, and the Product page with straightforward navigation structure. It allows frequent online shoppers to navigate different sections of your website on mobile devices and complete transactions easily.

  1. Better AMP

You can use this plugin to create AMP pages of your WordPress website & improve its loading speed by 4 times. The plugin supports All pages, posts, categories, tags, author page, search, etc. So, it becomes easier for Internet users to access all pages of your website on mobile devices. It also allows you to customize the look & feel of your website & stand out of the crowd. Intuitive design, clean interface and fast loading- all make WordPress Developers go crazy about this plugin.


  1. WP AMP Ninja

WP AMP Ninja is a bosom friend for all hardcore WordPress Developers who reel under tremendous pressure to create responsive and faster websites. With the help, they can AMP pages for websites in a few clicks only. The plugin supports Google AdSense and Google Analytics. So, you can run ads on mobile websites and track visitor’s activities easily. The plugin gets installed easily. Just install it and use it to skyrocket the business volume coming from mobile devices.


  1. AMP & Non-AMP Auto Ads

This plugin is very useful for all those entrepreneurs who want to place premium ads on AMP and non-AMP pages of their websites to get the desired success quickly. With its help, you can automate the placement of premium ads for AMP pages, Non-AMP pages, and post content & generate tangible business opportunities.


Final Remarks

AMP pages are mandatory for all modern websites. It enables users to access websites on mobile devices comfortably and complete the desired actions quickly. You can use these plugins to create AMP pages for WordPress and stay ahead in the web-based business. Best of Luck!


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