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Top 7 Really Free VPN Services That Still Work in 2019

Online privacy is a right, and that means you should not need to cover it. Our best seven complimentary VPNs guarantee protected, anonymous browsing, free of cost. There aren’t any hidden costs — simply download your complimentary VPN and purchase online.

Normally, the choice between obtaining a free product or purchasing one is evident. Why pay for something that you can get at no cost? It is not so straightforward when it has to do with VPNs, however. In the end, there is no such thing as a free lunch: you always wind up paying somehow. With complimentary VPNs, you can cover crawling speeds, annoying advertisements, malicious malware, or perhaps getting your information stolen.

VPN providers utilize a clear trick: that they downgrade their own free version to drive you in paying for the whole one. After all, once you’re tired of streaming, restricted servers, without a Netflix, you are more inclined to cover a fully-functional support.

The superior free VPNs provide a service that’s nearly as good — so great, in reality, which you probably won’t wish to update. Utilizing the free VPNs we urge, you will:

  • have the ability to get geoblocked articles (this implies content that is blocked according to your location)
  • have lightning-fast connection rates
  • understand that your information is not being synced

Finest Free VPNs

NordVPN: Ideal if you are traveling for under a month or want to experiment with VPNs

RusVPN: Stable, quickly, based VPN in case you do not desire streaming

TunnelBear: Sound choice if you’re security aware and do not want a Great Deal of Information

Windscribe: Ideal if you enjoy streaming and do not mind waiting while it buffers Great choice if you don’t want your VPN to get torrenting

Proton: Secure VPN using unlimited data but no torrenting

Opera: Amazing free VPN but merely operates in-browser

What is the Catch?

Most free VPNs have constraints. These might include a restricted selection of servers, slow connections, or restricted data use. Over 65 percent of those free VPNs we tested will not allow you to stream or torrent, and a few have intentionally slow link rates. Though you might not cover anything, you’re likely going to have a frustrating experience.

No cost VPNs make it look as if you are getting a product at no cost. In fact, nevertheless, you might be the item . Many users reported that complimentary VPN services stole their private information and marketed it to third parties.

This raises a different matter. A free VPN ought to help you keep anonymous online — but just a very safe one really will. Regrettably, lots of free VPNs pose severe risks to your safety .

Your data can only be marketed if it is stored. Lots of free services do not possess a no-logs coverage , meaning they’re able to monitor your information and place your privacy in danger.

We analyzed countless complimentary VPN offers, and a few looked a little too good to be true. This increased our feelings, thus we researched the unrealistic providers.

Shockingly, we found that most free VPNs are possessed by China — exactly the exact same Chinese authorities that occupies the world’s strictest censorship legislation! Within their privacy policies, some specified that consumer information could be logged and might be shared. To safeguard your privacy, stay far from any VPN possessed by China.

There is yet another important reason to be mindful of free VPNs. Firms know that clients like our own lives to be simple . They assume that in the event you enjoy their restricted free support, you are going to upgrade to their paid VPN later.

The issue? The finest free VPN does not necessarily indicate the top paid VPN. It surely does not indicate the very best value for the money. Many free suppliers offer you expensive programs with second-rate features, though other services do not possess a free trial but provide more affordable plans with greater attributes. Dealing with your now-familiar supplier could mean that you wind up paying more for less, and settling for a second-rate service as a substitute for a high VPN.


NordVPN is not usually free. It is really a superior VPN packed with a few of the most innovative features. Why are we list it with all our top-rated free VPNs?

This implies you may use it to get a month, and it is completely risk-free.

This is perfect in the event that you merely require a VPN for a brief while . If you are traveling for under a month, then you may utilize NordVPN to skip censorship and geoblocks at no cost .

In addition, it is a excellent way to enjoy unlimited streaming and outstanding safety without committing to a costly program. After all, even if you would like to comprehend why folks adore VPNs with no paying, then you should not utilize a slow, unreliable, completely free program.

Rather, attempt NordVPN for free. If you like it up to those users do, then maintain it, and when not, it’s easy to cancel.

Advantages of NordVPN:

  • Consistently unblocks Netflix so you never miss an event
  • Has over 5,100 servers around 60 countries
  • Guarantees lightning-fast connection rates
  • Provides innovative safety protocols, military-grade encryption, also contains a kill switch


RusVPN is our subscribers’ best choice to get a free VPN. The free version provides lightning-fast speeds in addition to military-grade encryption, promising fast, secure surfing.

You will be able to get geo-restricted content from anyplace, with any device.

The free version provides you only 500 MB of information daily. Even though this isn’t sufficient for streaming Netflix or even torrenting, it is definitely sufficient for browsing on the move.

It’s possible to add only one apparatus for a free Hotspot Shield accounts, and get a very restricted variety of servers. The free version is supported by advertisements, so you will see lots of those!

Free Version Experts

  • Quick connection rates ensure lag-free surfing
  • No-logs coverage ensures your search history is secure
  • Military-grade encryption protects your internet action
  • Streams Netflix, Hulu, and much more amazing content
  • Infinite info for up to 5 devices
  • accessibility to 2,500+ servers in 25 nations
  • 24/7 live chat technology support


If you are brand new to VPNs, TunnelBear’s free version is a terrific way to begin. Our readers adore its own user-friendly interface that comes complete with animated grizzly bears. It’s possible to link to servers in 22+ states, and also enjoy adequate connection rates.

TunnelBear take anonymity and security quite seriously. The VPN is independently audited, utilizes AES 256-bit encryption, also ensures no information logging. This means your information won’t ever be kept along with your identity will continually stay confidential .

A completely free TunnelBear accounts provides you only 500 MB of information every month (however you are able to tweet them to get an additional 1 GB). This VPN does not utilize Netflix or other streaming websites therefore that it will not allow you to get geo-blocked content.

Free Version Experts

  • Good link rates guarantee buffer-free surfing
  • No logging and Effective encryption ensure you are always secure
  • Ad-free service guarantees minimal disturbance
  • No streaming signifies no TV or music on the move
  • Data is Limited to only 500 MB/month
  • Little server system when compared with other VPN suppliers


Windscribe’s generous information allowance makes it among our best free VPNs. Free account users receive 10 GB of information each month and may find an additional 5 GB by joining the provider. You may even”win” an additional 1 GB of free information each month by referring friends.

Both paid and free users may get all Windscribe attributes, such as R.O.B.E.R.T, its own malware and ad blocker. The business includes a comprehensive privacy policy that obviously defines what information they store, in addition to a no-logs policy. Windscribe also boasts advanced encryption and safety.

Windscribe supplies a desktop program and browser expansion. The app has a user-friendly interface, using a selection of customer support options such as live chat and installation guides

In addition to restricting your information, a completely free Windscribe account limits you to obtaining servers in only 10/50 nations. Check out which users consider Windscribe.

Free Version Experts

  • Data restricted to 10 GB/month (more generous than many free programs )
  • Reduced server system when compared with the full version
  • App shops some info while linked
  • Infinite data
  • accessibility to complete server system in 50 nations

Hide.ME supplies a stripped rear, dependable free support. You are going to receive two GB of free information each month, all of the advantages of’s security protocols, along with a selection of five nations to attach through. One of those servers will be in Europe.

Regrettably, will not offer you access to Netflix. But it supports torrenting, which makes it a popular option with customers. really believes that free is free so that they do not penalize free account customers. You will have 24/7 access to technical assistance and ad-free browsing. includes a no-log coverage, strong encryption, and numerous protocols, ensuring that your security and privacy.

Free Version Experts

  • Great connection rates for quick loading and surfing
  • No-log coverage guarantees that your privacy is preserved
  • Lifetime complimentary support guarantee ensures you will never have to pay
  • Data is capped at a small 2 GB/month
  • Just access a restricted number servers
  • Limited bandwidth means restricted playback and browsing
  • Infinite info on 5 apparatus
  • accessibility to 160+ servers in 55+ nations
  • Supports torrenting


While ProtonVPN supplies a powerful premium service, their free VPN looks somewhat threadbare. Even though you are going to have infinite data on a single device, you are going to fight with intentionally reduced connection rates.

You can not observe Netflix using a ProtonVPN account. The service has a lot of servers that are optimized for torrenting. But, absolutely free accounts have limited access to nations with servers which support P2P file sharing.

ProtonVPN comes with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface and multi-platform compatibility which users adore. The business also offers quite powerful security attributes, including strong protocols and encryption. This usually means your browsing activity will stay protected, and your information will remain confidential.

Free Version Experts

  • Infinite data means you are protected whatever you are doing
  • No-log coverage and Swiss privacy legislation for high safety levels
  • Good security features keep you secure
  • Reduced server system — accessibility only 3 nations
  • Slow connection speeds imply slow loading and surfing
  • No torrenting or streaming so that you can not get your preferred amusement


Opera is not a VPN service per se. They produce web browsers with the intent of maintaining the net available, free, and secure.

The Opera browser can be obtained for Windows, Mac, and Linux, in Addition to Android. It sports an integrated advertisement blocker and VPN, in addition to malware security and other privacy features. Its VPN function hides your identity to get anonymous browsing; this is particularly helpful over public Wi-Fi networks.

To summarize, you will find some fantastic free VPNs accessible. But, the safest free solutions are not secure. The greatest free solutions can’t measure up to the top ones that are paid.

A premium service features increased protection and security , in addition to streaming and torrenting support. And unlike many free VPNs that restrict your information, superior VPNs also give you infinite information. You will also be able to get more servers in more nations and enjoy quicker link speeds.

The very best aspect of the greatest premium VPN providers is you could check them out for free. Most offer free trials and extend a secure money-back guarantee in case you are not entirely pleased. You will have the ability to be certain that the service you pick is 100 percent appropriate for you.

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