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Top Ideas: Marketing your Website in 2021

The future is fluid. Yes, you can write a simple informative text. Will it have an effect? Sometimes it’s not enough just to write the cool text that will be useful. Marketing has always been all about writing and promoting content whether in visual or written form. Sometimes you will have to focus on technology, and on the ever-changing audience, and on the rules dictated by search engines.

Today’s article is about the future of website marketing in 2021. What you should prepare for so that your content marketing becomes a reliable information wall and works to increase KPIs, and not at the expense of marketing.

  • 93% of businesses use content marketing for their websites.
  • 5% believe that the effort is justified.
  • 50% of the content is useless.

What to do about it?


Don’t stop doing content marketing. The boundaries between it and other types of promotion are very conditional today. If we say that CM is the delivery of useful materials to the audience through various channels, then it will cover all marketing in principle.

You can restore the power of the content and say: “May useful content be with you!”. But first, let’s figure out what changes have taken place in it, what difficulties stand in the way of achieving success.

Evergreen content

  • An evergreen material is one that does not lose its relevance over time.
  • Temporary material – remains valid for a limited time.

Both types have room in your content plan. But it is the evergreen that generates the income that values ​​content marketing.

Smart SEO

The distribution channels of information are controlled by search engines and directly by the sites themselves for the distribution of materials. You could say that the content marketers are at the mercy of ranking algorithms.

  • Google is looking for materials that are written by experts, not copywriters who write texts to pay for training.
  • Algorithms are becoming more complex and LSI keys are increasingly being taken into account.
  • The personalization of the issue makes the ranking of keys unpredictable.
  • Google has launched extended snippets, which already in the search results give an answer to the request, the user has less reason to go to the site.
  • Facebook is also updating its Smart Feed to give users less reason to switch to third-party sites.

These changes have impacted SEO in its classic sense. Therefore, in order to get the user to go to your site, you need to try and make really cool content. But at the same time, you need organic links for your site, try this niche edits service which puts your links contextually in the relevant place on different websites.


The social network has combined PPC marketing and smart feed. The algorithm is based on three possible user activities:

  • Comments
  • Sharing
  • Response

The algorithm takes into account both private and public records. Materials that contain links to third-party resources are valued less. They have less priority over content posted directly to Facebook. The golden rule is unique content.

Instead of creating content for your brand, create content for the audience’s emotions, and resonate with the reader.

Vicious circle

We are addicted to old methods. But what once worked will not be useful now either. You constantly need to adjust your strategy, look for the best options, and test different methods and tricks.

Get to know your current audience more deeply, but don’t forget to work with new potential readers. Identify new information needs that may correlate with your business.

Communicative marketing

This is real-time communication, an individual conversation with a client or lead. According to a study, 90% of consumers want to be able to communicate with a brand. Drift or Intercom platforms make this possible. This affects the distribution of content. The consumer receives information exactly when he needs it.

Video Marketing

Experts are convinced that video is one of the fastest-growing and demanded channels for disseminating information. This is the content marketing of the future. In a world where processes are automated, video is the last channel where a person’s presence cannot be faked. You see the speaker and you will be sure that this is not automatically generated content by Google.

New technologies

Brands that are the first to adopt a site for voice searches are projected to increase their profits by 30% by 2021.

And with the advent of virtual reality, the demand for interactive materials will increase – graphics, video applications.


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