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Top iPad (iOS) Apps for Engineers

Engineers today are mobile and agile; they need to be in order to answer market challenges. That is why tablets like the 2018 iPad Pro are very popular among engineers. They are not only capable as a computing machine, but also pleasant to use in the field. There are even cases designed specifically to make the iPad more durable when exposed to the elements.

Switching to the iPad Pro alone isn’t enough. You also need to equip your iPad with the best apps for work and fun. Once again, the iOS ecosystem pampers engineers with some of the best iPad apps on the market. We are going to review some of those engineering apps for iPad (and iOS) in this article. Let’s get started, shall we?

AutoCAD 360

We really cannot list the best engineering apps for the iPad without starting the list with AutoCAD 360. This app comes from the same company behind some of the best CAD solutions on the market: Autodesk. If you are an AutoCAD user, you will definitely love this app.

AutoCAD 360 for iPad lets you sketch out ideas and make designs on the go. The app is also compatible with DWG files, so you can view and edit them just as seamlessly on your iPad. There is a way to synchronize files between devices too, which ties everything together perfectly.

Graphing Calculator

Graphs and complex mathematical calculations are also crucial in engineering. Now that universities like Michigan Tech are making their online engineering programs available to more students, having a capable graph calculator is even more important.

Fortunately, you can leave your TI-89 at home when you have an iPad. You just need to install Graphing Calculator to work on your equations. You can learn more about Michigan Tech’s online electrical engineering degree while the app handles calculating complex equations and displaying graphs.


The name of this app says it all. This is an app for designing and planning electrical circuits. In fact, it is the best way to create a sketch of circuits and components on the iPad. Paired with the Apple Pencil 2, there is a lot you can do with iCircuit.

The app doesn’t stop at design either. It also comes with a set of test functions capable of simulating different situations based on the circuits you are developing. You can measure voltages and troubleshoot your design even before you begin assembling components in real life.

AR Measure App

You can tell that the iPad is made for engineers from the retention of AR measurement features. We may not use our iPad cameras for taking pictures of landscapes while on holiday, but we can definitely use it to measure things thanks to the AR Measure app.

The app and Apple’s augmented reality module are becoming incredibly accurate. All you need to do is move the tablet to measure certain things. If you think the measurement results are off, you can also calibrate your iPad sensors to improve the accuracy.

Kindle for iOS

You don’t need a dedicated Kindle to read eBooks on the go, especially when you have an iPad at your disposal. Sure, reading long books on the iPad screen isn’t as comfortable as reading the same books on a Kindle, but that doesn’t mean you cannot have a pleasant reading experience.

The iPad Pro’s higher refresh rate certainly helps. The screen is also easier on the eyes, all while maintaining high resolution, vibrant colors, and crisp text. Simply lower your screen brightness if needed and work through course materials and books for your electrical engineering degree.


iEngineer is the next app on our list. If you are a technical engineer that works in the field or in design, iEngineer is an invaluable app to have. The app is basically one giant database of screws and bolts, with the addition of a few other components.

There is no nut or bolt that you cannot find in iEngineer. You can also choose between the US and metric sizes, making this app useful for when you need to translate spec sheets from one measurement to another.


Notable is a notetaking app with plenty of features. Those features are what make this app interesting for engineers. You can have different folders for your notes – useful for when you are working on multiple projects at the same time – and you can assign tags or titles to them.

Of course, Notable works with the Apple Pencil. In fact, it works with multiple inputs, so you can add photos, sketches, text, and other information to a note without going through extra trouble. The cloud synchronization is handy as well; it is definitely more pleasant to use than Apple’s Notes app.

MathPix Problem Solver

Another favorite app among engineers is the MathPix Problem Solver. This is the app to use when you are stuck with a mathematical problem. Simply take a picture of the equation and MathPix will handle the rest for you. Some engineers even call this app a cheat for solving equations.

MathPix has gotten incredibly accurate (and incredibly capable) over time. Since we now have more engineers and math students using MathPix to solve equations, the brain behind this app can now handle advanced equations with ease. One quick reminder though: check and recheck the results.

Engineering Cookbook

Sticking with apps that can help you in the field, the last app on our list is Engineering Cookbook. The app is based on a book with the same title; yes, THE Engineering Cookbook. While many of the things discussed in this book are HVAC-related, you can find information on system design, motors, and other engineering solutions as well.

The app also makes the entire Engineering Cookbook searchable, so you can find information in the field faster and more accurately. Whenever you run into questions you cannot answer, having this app on your iPad makes things easier.

Other apps like Steel Profiles are just as useful, but we are going to save them for another article. In the meantime, be sure to try the apps we reviewed in this article to make life as an engineer or engineering student easier and more fun.

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