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When you can’t handle all your business IT functions on your own, your best solution is always to outsource services from an IT managed services company. And here we are, IGHTY Support, providing you the best Managed IT Services Dallas. With us you can experience reliable network management and monitoring services. The IT Department is your most precious asset, but it also requires immense amounts of time, money, and manpower to be managed effectively. And with the assistance of our expert and specialized Managed IT Services Dallas, you will gain the freedom to focus on the main motive of running your business rather than stressing over the technical issues.

IGHTY Support, who we are?


Ighty Support is the leading Managed IT Services Company, rendering expert IT Services, and Managed IT Services. Our services involve Help Desk Services, IT Procurement, IT Project Management, IT Integration, Backup and Security Solutions, IT Monitoring Maintenance Services, and much more.


We provide budget-friendly, best, and the most reliable IT support services. We offer Dallas IT support to brand-new and existing businesses. Businesses from industries, such as healthcare, manufacturers, hospitality, education, and finance are our regular clients.


We have all the superior and advanced technology types of equipment required to support your business. Our comprehensive IT support services, customizations according to the demands of businesses, and budget-friendly, affordable pricing plans invite businesses and business owners from all over the DFW Metroplex.

Our services:

Our IT support specialists are certified and experienced in bringing the best business IT support to Dallas. We provide consulting services to ensure new and existing business owners have the most reliable IT setup and support available in Dallas Our IT Services Dallas includes:


  • Managed IT service. – we believe businesses deserve full access to comprehensive turnkey IT solutions.
  • On-demand IT. – To leverage advanced technology to implement futuristic and sustainable IT solutions.
  • Network setup. – We are born out of a strong desire to build an IT company that serves all its clients’ needs with efficiency.
  • Network security. – Your network will be fully secured with a Spam filter, Web filter, installs & maintains AV, regular vulnerability scanning & implemented network systems best security practice.
  • Tech support – Get the best technical support for the smooth & efficient running of your IT infrastructure.
  • IT strategy – We made a Budgeted IT strategy that supports your business needs.

When do you need us?

Doesn’t it sometimes feel like there’s always something wrong with the technology at your office? When your IT systems are performing well, it almost seems like it’s like magic. However, keeping all of your technology systems up and running isn’t the easiest challenge to conquer, especially on a day-to-day basis. Here are a few challenges you might be probably familiar with, and it’s time to call us.

  • Network expenses like staffing, infrastructure is costly, and services need to develop as your business grows continuously.
  • Backing up your data and records daily to multiple locations or drives to assist with disaster rescue or business succession
  • Patching and upgrading applications for security measures
  • Constant monitoring of your network and phone systems
  • Employee troubleshooting that’s time-consuming, checking your IT staff from concentrating on enhancing your business
  • Lack of time to research new technology, much less the times it takes to install and implement it
  • Handling, advancing, and upgrading network infrastructure and management systems
  • Keeping your telephone systems running, especially voice over IP (VoIP) and call quality versus network bandwidth
  • Supporting remote offices (remote data backup and printing) and employees that work out of multiple offices of your business
  • Finding staff with the skills your business needs to succeed – much less the need to provide continual education on the technology products your company uses

Why us?


We are listed on


IGHTY Support assists your business get personalized IT Support Services at reasonable prices. For startups or ground-ups and enduring businesses, we offer IT infrastructure setup service and Managed IT Services in Dallas. Besides the regular IT Support Services, your business can get the following advantages by hiring the best IT Support Dallas, TX.


  • 24*7 Support Services – To determine your network progress, we render you 24*7 assistance anytime and anywhere at your doorstep.
  • On-Site Engineers – Our employees visit your place to get your computers, laptops, or systems set up.
  • Standard Services – Our engineers are highly qualified and experienced to keep a constant check on the condition of Standard Services.
  • Smart investment skills: IT Services in Dallas assists businesses to select the best tech devices that are long-lasting and productive. We handle the IT network and its safety, which helps avoid the costs of data loss and recovery.
  • No hidden costs: we are a firm practitioner of moral values. Therefore, we always state reasonable and exact prices for our service levels from the commencement. We also do not have any hidden costs or service taxes.

It is always a good idea to let a team of professional, and experienced specialists assist you in your everyday IT solutions. And we are here for you, we have everything you would require, and will answer all your questions.


Which industry or size of business we serve?

We are here for anybody who needs us.

Whether it is a dentist or any business advisor, a property business, retail business, or production business, Ighty support can help you in all your IT requirements and conditions. We want your business to develop and make huge signs of progress, and you can give all your IT stress to us. We are a reliable company and we guarantee you the best services with the perfect results, the way you want it.

Our pricing model:

Building a managed service program and determining prices is most ethical for processing our services. We have budget-friendly services. We have services for all types and sizes of businesses according to their demands and budgets.

  • We evaluate the business risk, threats, and opportunities through the environment and clients’ goals and expectations.
  • We then propose a set of services to help our clients to reach their goals.
  • After our clients accept the proposal, we provide the scope of work and the cost involved.
  • We add our fees to the total cost incurred and set a fixed price for our clients.

Why are we the best in Dallas?

When it comes to providing the best customer service, no other company comes close to Ighty Support. No other solutions provider can match our fastest response times, remarkable customer support, 24/7 proactive piece of mind, and our strength to give innovative technology solutions that work exactly how you demand them to. We give you all the perks of an in-house IT department at a fraction of the cost of hiring one. We assist in managing the day-to-day IT business activities of our professionals with no option to hire. We give you all the benefits of an in-house IT department at a fraction of the cost of hiring one. We create a dependable IT network that reinforces your office communications & security systems. We’re not your typical Managed IT Service provider– we’re your IT partner. If you are looking for an IT contractor in DFW to hire with the best pricing model and best services, check our website.

Ratings and reviews:

Google and various other platforms have rated us with 5 stars. This is because of our clients who believe us and give us a chance to work for them, making their technology to work smoothly.

One of our clients says, “IGHTY Support offers the best Managed IT Services Dallas and Computer Services Dallas as diversified as the customer needs. Over the years we have understood exactly the technical needs of your personal computer and your Business technology requirements as well.”


To get more information about Managed IT Services Dallas, visit



Corporate Office: (469) 208-9347

Branch Office: (972) 200-3219

Toll-Free: 1-855-MY DFWTECH

Fax: 972-332-4252


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