Top Portable Monitors for Remote Working

Working from home has become commonplace in the past couple of months. The company employees are learning how to operate from the comforts of their homes. The coronavirus pandemic necessitated that, but it suffices to say that working from home has been a thing for far longer than 2020. The only reason why a couple of people are skeptical about this business model is due to the absence of essential tools and an archaic mindset. Moreover, working from home favors individuals, and as such, they look forward to getting the job done without having to visit an on-site facility. One of the critical tools needed to make remote work possible is the portable monitor, a gadget that has earned plaudits for its versatility.

Here, we will be discussing the advantages of working remotely, taking your work wherever you go via a portable screen, and why this has become a norm in a couple of industries. Furthermore, we will be checking out why purchasing a portable monitor would be a masterstroke for someone that travels rather frequently. Also, we will be giving you a couple of tips that would guide you in your quest to find the perfect portable monitor, one that would make your remote working experience a breeze. So without further ado, let’s get into the business of working from home!

The Benefits of Working Remotely

A couple of perks come with working remotely, and it is little wonder why many people prefer it to work in an on-site facility. Here are some of the top benefits.

  1. Saving Commuting Time and Costs

Working from home means that you don’t have to spend any money transporting yourself from your home to your office and back. That means that you can spend that money on other things that hold importance to you and your business. Transportation costs are one of the drawbacks of working at on-site facilities, and these costs are hardly ever factored into the payment package. Working from home nullifies that problem, and such a worker can now focus on giving their best with little or no distractions coming from that vicinity.

  1. May Extend the Company’s Operational Hours

Contrary to what remote working detractors think, working from home does not harm a company’s operational hours; instead, it could mean the opposite. That’s because working from home means that a company’s employees and the employer would be working from their comfort zones, meaning they can work longer hours without feeling the heat. That’s plus the added advantage of fewer distractions from pesky coworkers would likely lead to the unlocking of potentials that company workers hardly ever knew that they possessed.

  1. Flexibility to Customize a Working Setup

Different strokes for different folks and what motivates an employee wouldn’t necessarily spur their colleague to excellence. As such, such a company employee must find a way to customize their schedule so that it would boost peak productivity. That’s where remote working comes in, as office workers can now customize their working setup with relative ease. That is known to improve productivity, boost morale, and lead to the comprehensive completion of deadlines that seemed previously tough to beat. Who says that remote working makes workers lazy?

Why a Portable Monitor is Essential for Someone that Travels Frequently

Portable monitors have changed the face of technology as we know it, and they are assets to people that are always on the move. Here are a couple of reasons why.

  1. Improve Online Meetings

The fact that a person is traveling doesn’t mean that such a person shouldn’t attend meetings, the only difference being that such arrangements would be held online. Portable monitors play a significant role in ensuring that such meetings are top-notch, thanks to an array of reasons. First off is the attachable microphone, which is essential for the traveler to ensure their voice is heard. Also, there’s the sophisticated webcam that most portable monitors come with, as they help the traveler see his colleagues in the meeting and vice versa. Portable monitors are way more helpful than ordinary smartphones, as they give the conference a unique professional touch.

  1. Entertainment Purposes

All work and no play never helped anybody, and that is why travelers must get some relaxation after a tough day of work. One of the gadgets that provide a great source of that entertainment is the portable monitor, as they are amongst the most versatile gadgets in the industry. Portable monitors are great for playing high-quality video games and battling against fellow gamers from all over the world. They are also incredible for live streaming movies, as their screen qualities rival those in cinemas and other choice spots. You got to admit it; portable monitors are the personification of leisure at its finest.

  1. Improves Laptop Efficiency

Laptops are one of the best inventions known to humanity, and they have revitalized the tech world in remarkable ways. There is hardly anything that you can’t achieve using a laptop, and the possibilities keep on expanding. These possibilities only get more significant when you pair a computer with a quality portable monitor, and you can now immerse yourself in the experience. Now you can perform graphic designing tasks, play top-notch video games, attend conferences, and do so much more while embarking on your travels. Portable monitors are simply breathtaking when you pair them with laptops, as you got yourself an enviable workstation on the road.

Tips to Finding the Right Portable Monitor

Here are some valuable tips in finding a quality portable monitor that can get the job done.

  1. The Purpose

Purchasing a portable monitor isn’t something that you should do on a whim; instead, you should take your time and know why such a purchase is necessary. Are you buying it for work, are you buying it for leisure, or are you purchasing it for all of the above? These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself before rolling out the bucks and purchasing. Ensure that you purchase a portable monitor that fits into your job description, as that would save you from a lot of stories that touch. Once you understand what you will use the portable monitor for, it is now time to look into the unique specs of the monitor.

  1. Overall Weight

Portable monitors should be mobile, and as such, you should ensure that you purchase one that is pretty easy to carry around without much fuss. It would be clumsy, counterproductive, and remarkably myopic to buy a monitor that feels heavy to carry. That would mean that you can’t bring it along for travels, and it is as good as a stationary gadget. Make sure that you purchase a portable monitor that is at least ten times lighter than you, as that’s the case only way that carrying it around won’t be that much of a chore. Remember, A pound or two (or a few hundred grams) may not seem like much until you have to carry it around for a couple of hours, then you’d know.

  1. Overall Display Quality

The better the overall display quality, the better the viewership pleasure would be, and that is something everyone should look into when purchasing a portable monitor. Portable monitors come in different display qualities, with the most famous these days being the 4k display. Getting a 4k monitor is cool, but that doesn’t make it the holy grail of portable monitors. That honor belongs to the 1080 resolution, one that hits the right spot for gaming, editing, and graphic designing. Moreover, it all depends on the job description, and display quality is one the most significant things to check out when purchasing a portable monitor.

Final Thoughts

Portable monitors are amongst the most valuable assets for people working from home and people who are always on the move. These portable screens play a significant part in remote working efficiency, and they are here to stay. We have given you an array of tips; as long as you follow the above information, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t pick the perfect portable monitor for your remote work.

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