Top Social Media Trends For 2020 and Beyond


It’s an unignorable fact that most of the time spent using smartphones contributes to social media consumption. People get active on social media platforms for the multiple avenues they provide. Unknowingly it has become an integral part of people’s life. Knowing the influence of social media is so easy to know. What you did when you woke up? Did you check your WhatsApp notifications? Well that’s a common habit.

Ephemeral Content Is Going To Boost

Ephemeral content is the one that is available for a certain duration. You must have used the insta-stories and Snapchat stories; these are the form of ephemeral content. It is one of the most commonly used technique to spread brand awareness and to connect the target audience with your brand. You give them a window to look into your services and processes; thus, it helps in accelerating trust and builds a strong relationship.

The Right Use of Filters 

You need to make sure you use the filters correctly. If you check those present in Facebook you will find a kind of uniqueness, they are designed to target a large purpose. However, the filters in the Snapchat app are targeted towards individual daily activities. There are filters to send morning greetings as well. Therefore, you have to observe the needs of your post and pick the filter according to it.

Interactive Content 

The technique to composing content for every platform different according to its norms. For instance, if you create a quality Wikipedia page with the help of any best Wikipedia page creation services, you will realize that you have to follow certain rules and regulation. You cannot be too casual with the readers. You have to carry a formal tone. However, when it’s about the social media platforms, you can be interactive, causal and humorous. You need to ponder on aspects that can increase the likelihood of your post getting boosted. You need to practice the techniques that can accelerate engagements on your platform.

Video Content Is Going To Get Viral 

You know the peak how easily visuals get viral. And as fast as the videos are created the likelihood of it getting viral is not surprising at all. If you want to be seen on social media platforms, you have to create engaging content and make sure to keep a check on the video quality.

You can go for short explainer videos, vlogs, GIFs and any kind of video production that can ensure to capture the attention of your target audience. According to Cisco, by the year 2022, almost 82% of the content will in the form of video content. That shows the significance as to how important it is to create video content if you want to enhance your online presence.

Make Use Of Technology 

You need to make sure you are using technology the right way. You have to incorporate the wonders of augmented reality, artificial intelligence and the brilliance of machine learning. You have to ponder on the fact that these are three best tech-components that can increase your online recognition at double its pace.

Wrap Up 

Social media platforms do have a lot of capacities but if you make use of the right strategy you can enhance the effectiveness. You need to be a bit more creative and use techniques that can double the appeal of your posts. Moreover, never forget to check the analytics. You should know which way you are headed and what are the necessary measures that can help you increase the engagements. You should maximize the interactions with your posts and uploads.

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Written by Gerry Wilson


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