Staying Home: Top Tech When Housebound

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When you are being housebound, there is definitely a sense of boredom that surrounds you, and wants to live a colorful, fun life? The answer to this question in today’s world could only be addressed with fun gadgets at home which could keep you busy at all costs.

Thanks to these, we will be able to dispel that very unfortunate boredom and get away from melancholy, nostalgia and bring bright colors into our lives while we are housebound.

Here is a list of them:


The most technically advanced PlayStation console. PS5 would be suitable for both those who want to get their first console and those who are going to upgrade to a new version from an old model to get full support for virtual reality and 4K resolution. PlayStation 5 specs include it all that you would want to get your old console replaced with this one.  This device would definitely come out to be the best tech choice for staying home and having fun.

Microsoft Xbox 360

Microsoft’s flagship console and most powerful set-top box on the market. Its performance is sufficient for even the most high-tech games. When we talk about getting the best performance with ultimate graphics and high-end games. Xbox 360 never disappoints.

Apple TV

Apple’s fifth-generation Apple TV features the powerful A10X Fusion processor (the same chip used in the 2017 iPad Pro models) and memory from 32GB to 64GB and supports 4K HDR for the first time. It offers 4K movies through its proprietary iTunes Store, and 4K content is also available through Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and other streaming services.

Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest differs from other VR glasses in that it does not require a connection to other gadgets. This is an all-in-one system. It is enough to put on a helmet, pick up controllers – and you can enjoy virtual reality.

Google Chromecast Ultra

Unlike other streaming devices, Chromecast uses apps that are already installed on your phone to control playback and search for content. Just call up a supported streaming app, hit the broadcast button and you’re ready to watch. To put it simply, this device streams content from a smartphone, tablet or laptop to a TV. And in the mirroring mode, the TV displays what is happening on the smartphone screen.

Nintendo Switch

This pocket console is inferior in power to home consoles. But only on it are available such Nintendo game bestsellers as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey. Plus, the Switch can be connected to a large TV at home or use the built-in display on the go.

Amazon Alexa

Miniature speaker with clear sound and built-in voice assistant. The device responds to verbal commands and interacts with the internet. One has only to ask – and the column will turn on the desired radio program or music, and also select new songs for the user’s taste. The device can not only listen but also answer questions with a human voice.


All of these tech devices work great and keep you occupied while you are housebound. Because spending time without technology at home is not possible. Therefore, if you have any of these devices you won’t get bored or out of activities at any point.

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