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The market for VR productions is always expanding. Indie developers, hobbyists, beginners, or big publishers and anyone else looking to create VR products have many engines to choose from. Many of these engines allow users to develop games once, and they can publish them at various platforms. But before deciding on the VR platform game engines to get, ensure first to check the market.

The best VR game engines

1.     Unity

This VR game engine functions on different devices and platforms. This includes mobile gadgets, desktop machines, fixed systems, and more. It additionally allows alt.ctrl.GDC exhibits to utilize it to make games for controllers, and it interacts with them.

Unity is one of the Best JavaScript 3D Game Engines, and developers can identify all its capabilities easily by looking at some of the products developed by it. It has created games like Fat city, Rust, and Satellite Reign.

The power of this Engine lies in the shear count of developers. This Engine comprises of a web player that lets people view 3D content in a browser, and developers also get live updates.

Unity VR engine additionally provides payable and non-payable assets. They include plugins, extensions, and Virtual Reality kits. The Engine also supports scripting languages like JavaScript and C#.

2.     Unreal Engine

As one of the highly amazing VR game engines, the Unreal Engine is very creative. Its various applications include making and deploying games in devices like HTC, PlayStation, Max OS, Windows machine, and several others.

Unreal Engine is also behind well known games like Batman Arkham Asylum. You can download it without paying any money. After downloading, you will be able to access its features, tools, and even the C++ source code.

Unreal Engine is free to use, but users will be required to pay 5 percent royalty after getting the specified minimum amount.

3.     Lumberyard

This is the same tool that Amazon develops its products. You do not need to pay in order to use it.

The tool is created with a technology stack that has Double Helix, CyEngine, and an AWS stack, including Amazon GameLift. The tool can support OSVR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift.

The lumberyard platform is additionally a good platform for designing web games. A developer will never need to worry about hosting a comprehensive game.

4.     Game maker studio

This is also the proprietary development tool for the Yoyo developer. Its updated version offers an amazing visual editor. You can add advanced interactivity and logic using Game Maker Language (GML).

With this developing Engine, developers are able to make a single source of their game, and they can publish it to any platform, for instance, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, PlayStation, HTML5, and iOS.

The Game maker studio engine is ideal for individuals that lack development experience or are new to writing codes. It is suitable for designing simple products, and its features are:

  • Physics engine: Box2D support
  • LiquidFun support
  • GML (Game maker language)
  • Analytics for monitoring and enhancing games
  • CVS, GIT, and SVN for version control
  • Seamless integration for in-app purchase


5.     CryEngine

Crytek organization has produced free game engines, and CryEngine is one of them. This Engine also provides customer membership, and it gains funds by giving users access to learning and support. They also have a section that shows several things, sounds, 3D objects, and several things.

The powerful game engine had its first Virtual Reality initiative, which was a good move towards forming a global network for developers. The tool is even collaborating with gaming companies, and they are promoting learning institutions to form CryEngine VR centers.


Having read our article, we hope that you will now be able to determine the best game engines for your work. All these tools we have described here provide awesome features, and you will not need to pay in order to use them. The only time you will need to make payment is when you have earned some money or when you need additional game engines tools for marketing or publishing. If you wish to comment on this topic, please do. You can also ask any questions that you may have.

Author bio

Thomas Glare is a Virtual Reality products expert. He has tested all the tools that he has talked about here, and he is convinced that they are the best for anyone interested in VR product development. Besides writing, he also loves traveling and interacting with new people.


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