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VERTU join hands with TCL Communication for the technology inside it’s expensive phones

Vertu, the UK based company that is well known for making highly expensive smartphones for 15 years, has joined it’s hands with TCL to use the latter’s technology inside their next 30,000 devices.


Vertu’s all phones are hand made that’s why are highly expensive and they will continue to make hand made devices at the UK factory which is located in Hampshire. The company revealed that the deal with TCL is worth $40 million but have not revealed which technology exactly will they be using.


The last financial report which was revealed publicly in 2014 by Vertu showed a massive loss of 53 Million Pounds. We hope that this new deal with TCL brings some good Vertu devices for us along with powerful hardware and software combination unlike the previous devices which were criticised a lot for the poor specs sheet.



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Source: Android Authority

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