Video marketing trends that stay in 2021

A social network with a young audience is famous for “trashy content”, but already now many news, sports and streaming brands use Tik-Tok Video marketing to promote content and attract new users.


TikTok in 2020 became the absolute leader in terms of growth in the volume of advertising publications. The latest study showed that TikTok beat competitors in literally all top indicators – the number of active bloggers, the total number of posts, the degree of engagement.


If we are talking about advertising collaborations with bloggers and native advertising, then here TikTok is gaining momentum more and more, taking away the bread from Instagram.


In the long run, TikTok can be much more profitable for the advertiser. At least because of its young audience, the purchasing power of which will grow over time.


And given that the level of engagement in TikTok for 2020 showed an increase of as much as 298%, it can be assumed that Video marketing on this platform will be more effective. Therefore, special attention should be paid to TikTok.


YouTube advertising


YouTube is one of the most popular video sites in the world. Of course, Video marketing on this platform is very effective. But in 2020, all the leading social networks, including YouTube, were made by TikTok. But that doesn’t mean YouTube ads are no longer relevant.


You need to understand that YouTube ads are different from TikTok ads. YouTube is more like a TV. The consumer looks at the content that he came for, and advertising is sent to him in various forms. It’s often easier to watch short commercials than click skip when your hands are full. Deloitte estimates that 86% of consumers of video content watched it on YouTube in 2020.


Video Marketing


New social networks and formats suggest that the visual will be even more relevant, due to the abundance of information, only the key idea of ​​any message will become important, and short-lived content will further shorten the life cycle of information.


According to studies, the average brain spends about 30% of its activity on the perception of visual information, and 8% and 3% on the perception of tactile and sound information. That is, our brain processes images 60 thousand times faster than words.


96% of users watch a product video to learn more about it. In 95% of cases, the decision to buy a product is made after watching a video about it. With the help of video content, it is easier to show the production process of a product and visually present the product.


Shoot more video content for users, they will appreciate your work.


With a short, dynamic video, the chances of grabbing the user’s attention are increased.


Research shows that users spend 88% more time on sites that have videos.

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