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What Are Evergreen Webinars and How to Create Them?

Evergreen, automated or pre-recorded webinars are online platforms that enable the host to make a presentation on topics that can withstand the test of time and are perpetually relevant and fresh for readers.

The etymology of the name refers to evergreen plants which never lose leaves or needles. Unlike live webinars, evergreen webinars are pre-recorded and can be used again and again by a presenter an indefinite number of times. Unlike live webinars, they do not cause stress and anxiety for the speaker, as material that is recorded once and can be put on autopilot afterwards. The hosts of evergreen webinars can be compared to film actors rather than theatre performers, as they can rehearse their role many times before uploading the best material to an evergreen platform and automating it. Evergreen seminars are thus time-saving and passive customer activation devices.

Evergreen webinars are also user-friendly as attendees can go smoothly through registration process and click directly to the landing page that hosts the webinar. They can join the webinar at a scheduled time, or wait till the countdown to a new session begins. When the countdown ticks to zero, they will be taken to webinar room. They can also leave the webinar and resume it at any time.

Evergreen webinars are also relatively inexpensive for the presenters and give them the opportunity to use interactive widgets which pop up throughout the seminar with tempting offers and deal-finalising windows.

How to create Evergreen webinars?

Here is a guideline in 6 points:

  1. Write a proper webinar script as it will guide you through the process of recording the presentation.
  2. Host and record one live webinar; use the chat box which will enable attendees to ask questions. They will be recorded and used in your evergreen webinar later, creating a live-webinar environment.
  3. Upload the recording to e.g. Ever Webinar software. The software will guide you through various stages of this process.
  4. Give your webinar a title and list your presenters.
  5. Set your webinar schedule. Notwithstanding, attendees will be given options to participate in the lecture after the registration.
  6. Set up a live chat box, product offers and live sales alerts at the most suitable times during the presentation.
  7. Make your webinar go live. Good luck!

Evergreen webinar software gives you an array of tools which can be used while creating your presentation. First of all, you can choose different formats for your presentations. The platform redirects attendees to other sites, as well as enables surveying of the registrants. You can disable, enable or display questions in the live chat, or place time-sensitive product offers, create sticky messages, create the number of attendees, display the number of attendees, display live sale alerts at the time most convenient for you, pre-configure your file sharing, enable webinar replay page, set the webinars’ expiry date to create a feeling of urgency, or enable users to submit questions.

With all these tools you can easily convert potential customers into buying customers using less time and putting less effort into your business activity.

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