What are the differences between Nord VPN and Private Internet Access? 

Virtual Private Network is a private network that is used by many people to hide their real identity and the internet actions from third party peopleThe Nord VPN and Private Internet Access are the two most crucial VPN in the list. People and the service providers always get confused in choosing the best among these two.

Today here we are going to find out the best among these two. Both the VPNs are tested and analyzed with different testing parameters, and then the result is conveyed finally. You can see the Nord VPN vs PIA comparison here. But hereafter, you don’t have to be worried; this article will help you to find the best VPN. So without any delay, let’s get into the section.

Virtual private network

The virtual private network is one, which creates a closed system for its users. It is mainly used to hide all the user action on the internet and also to hide the identity of the user on the internet.

When using a VPN service, it creates a tunnel between the client and the receiver, so when the data enters the tube, it gets encrypted, and at the other end, the data gets decrypted. By using this way, no hacker can have our data.

Types of VPN

When it comes to types of Virtual Private Network, there are many types of VPNs are available in the market. Usually, the selection is made regarding the need and usage of the client. But the most popular VPNs are the Nord VPN and Private Internet Access.

In this article, we will test these two VPN based upon specific features such as speed, connections, reliability, security, Netflix streaming, payment and prices, refunds, logging policies, jurisdiction, and value. These are some of the features in which both the Nord VPN and Private Internet Access VPN will be tested to select the best among the two.

Speed as a feature

When both these VPNs tested for speed, they both provide a right decent amount of gear to their users. This, the factor is mainly based upon the location of the servers. The server location is the only reason for the speed of the VPN software, and if there is any server present near your area, you can enjoy maximum speed. We cannot predict the best VPN by using the speed feature. So here it is a tie between these two VPNs.

Number of features

When we categorize these VPNs based upon the number features, then we can have a winner. The winner of this category is the Nord VPN. Nord VPN provides the best features for its users, which includes double VPN servers, Tor- over-VPN servers, Leak protection setting, Full access to Netflix, and cyber security features. These are some of the essential functions of the Nord VPN, which makes it stand out from other VPNs.

PIA also has some useful features such as basic leak protection settings, different encryption settings, and even ad blocker setting, the only reason Nord VPN wins here is that. It has some of the best features when compared to PIA.

Logging policies

Both the Nord VPN and PIA VPN have had their logging policies verified with many tests. They both have excellent logging policy options. Both the VPNs are proven to have no logs in their logging policies in different situations, and hence there exists a tie between them.

Netflix and streaming

Who doesn’t loves Netflix? Everyone loves to spend their free time on Netflix. By using a VPN, we can unblock geo-blocked content on Netflix. In the case of Netflix, it is clear that Nord VPN is better than PIA. Because the private Internet Access is blocked by Netflix here as we can have unlimited access to Netflix in the Nord in this Netflix case, the winner is Nord VPN.

Wrapping Up

Well, in this article, we have seen an overview of VPN and its type. But most importantly, we have compared here both the Nord VPN and Private Internet Access using certain features. It is made clear that the best VPN can be selected only based on specific characteristics. But to a certain extent, Nord VPN is considered as the best VPN by most of the people. Here you can know more about the Nord VPN.

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