What Are The Highest Paid Project Management Tech Jobs

The information technology sector is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. With unprecedented growth throughout the last 30 years and is only getting bigger year on year. Project management positions are in high demand requiring skilled professionals to implement and oversee projects often within a controlled budget and meeting rigid time frame expectations. Here are just some of what you can achieve with a Master in project management that are available today.

Information Technology

Corporations and medium to small businesses alike are constantly recruiting project managers which are vital to the implantation and smooth running of technology-based businesses. With the rapid growth of the information sectors including cloud technology, original equipment manufacturing, and software development to name just a few, there are many well-paid opportunities.


Project managers within the information technology sector will be required to analyze and develop the team’s skills whilst effectively managing the technology projects required.


The Financial Sector 

Financial corporations and small businesses alike are becoming more project orientated when financial operations are concerned. Financial project managers are required for the development, services, and products that will ultimately generate a better cash flow for the company.


Due diligence and helping to improve accounting methods are essential to any modern business that wishes to see growth.  This will be led by a team supervised by the project manager who developed projects often within budget constraints and a schedule.  The main goal for financial institutions as with any other business is to maximize profit and reduce loss.


Healthcare Project Management  

Healthcare like any other business is now becoming more technology-based than ever. Seen as being crucial to clinical trials as we have seen recently with the pandemic of Covid 19.  Without the project manager’s experience, we could have been facing a much longer wait for vaccines. The development and implementation of the project manager are essential to utilize the technology at hand for the benefit of healthcare workers, administration, and most of all the patients. Cost plays a huge role in the fundamental running of hospitals and the treatment given to patients. The role of project managers is to try to efficiently provide innovatively based solutions to reduce the budget and help the running of a healthcare facility.  It can be very rewarding financially but more importantly helping healthcare workers to be able to provide the best care they can give and the patients receive the benefits of your hard work.


The Energy Sector

Electricity, gas, oil, hydropower, nuclear, solar power, and wind-based turbines are the main providers in the energy sector. All are highly lucrative and with the focus now on the environmental needs of the planet, they are expanding at a very rapid pace. Project managers are essential to the expansion of eco-friendly energy options as oil and gas reserves are being depleted at an alarming pace. In an ever-faster race to develop these sectors, the role of the project manager and their team has become essential to all energy firms. The role includes streamlining current procedures already in place and the development of policy procedures and monitoring and adapting to current market trends maximizing profit.


The Construction Industry 

Technology project managers are instrumental in one of the world’s biggest and most lucrative industries today. Long gone are days of construction based projects being solely based on just printed or drawn schematics and blueprints. Projects now are heavily reliant on technology-based solutions. Small or large projects all need to have project managers at the forefront and are essential to the completion of the relevant projects ensuring the supply of construction material, budget targets that are kept in line with the project, deadlines achieved, and most of all the safety of the construction workers. With this in mind, the construction industry is always looking for new and dynamic project managers to help with the projects they are contracted to do.


With an industry estimated to surpass 18 trillion USD by 2022, it is an industry that project management can expect an exceptional salary and the potential of working on many exciting projects in numerous places home or abroad.


The Aerospace Sector 

One of the most dynamic and technology-driven sectors today there are so many opportunities for project managers in this field. The global aerospace and defense industries are estimated to have a global revenue of nearly 700 billion USD and a workforce of hundreds of thousands. It is an exciting sector to be involved in. Technology orientated project managers who are skilled and have an exceptional organizational background are highly sort-after within the industry. The salary is very competitive with other industries. 



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