What is Cross-Promotion & How to Use it to Grow Your Tech Business

Building a successful tech business demands that you get it right with your marketing strategy This is where a technique known as cross-promotion comes as one strategy you can use to grow your sales. Do you know what cross-promotion is and how you can use it to promote your brand? This article will tell what it is all about and how you can use the approach to grow your tech business.

What is cross-promotion?

Cross-promotion is simply a strategy where two brands team up to market their products/services as a form of business partnerships that’s a win-win for the parties. For example, if your business is selling computers, you can partner and advertise a reputable antivirus company to sell both brands.

Getting started with cross-promotion

Before you get started with cross-promotion, you have to keep in mind that you will be not only advertising each other’s products but also reputation. Therefore, you must pick the right business for the cross-promotion partnership to work and give you the ROIs. But how do you choose the right partner? Here are a few things you should consider:


You have to ensure that the company you are partnering with is credible. Should there be a situation where the credibility of the company that has been advertising your goods is in question, it will affect your brand. Of course, if your reputation has some question marks then it will affect your business side.


You can partner with your direct competition but you are better off working with complementary businesses. Get a partnership company that offers goods and services related to yours rather than direct competition. Again, ensure that your partner is reliable enough to avoid issues.

Business goals and values

Choose a brand that is congruent with your brand. Cross-promotion will work well if you have the same values and goals regarding offering quality products and services and customer satisfaction. Otherwise, if you partner with a brand offering inferior quality products and services, yours too will be regarded as substandard. So, make sure that the goods and services you advertise are appealing to your customers. You don’t want to shun your potential customers from purchasing what you are selling.

Channels and methods you can use in cross-promotion

There are several channels you can use for cross-promotion. Social media platforms are the best channels you can implement the cross-promotion campaigns. They are now quite trendy and have a broad audience. You can use Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter, etc.  One of the best approaches is to partner with top influencers like podcasters, YouTubers, and bloggers to review your product and services to their audience through their channels.

You can also make use of content sites and blogs related to your niche. The writers and content creators can create content related to your product and service. In this approach, your brand will not only have extensive exposure but also benefit from backlinks. Joint advertising is another cross-promotion method that can work well. Yes, you can team up with other correlated partners in things like TV commercials

Tip: You can work with agencies that offer cross-promotion services to help you with campaigns.

Benefits of cross-promotion


Unlike most marketing strategies, cross-promotion requires less or no financial investment at all. For example, in a joint advertisement, you and your partner will both contribute towards the promotion. Where both you and your partner are each advertising the other person’s brand, there may be a more added cost.

A win-win situation for both parties

In cross-promotion, both parties are expected to reap some benefits. For example, if a Youtuber is reviewing your product, they benefit from getting fresh content. On the other hand, you benefit from your brand getting exposed to the Youtuber’s audience. Moreover, if your partner is selling complementary goods, both of your brands will expose your audience to the other brand.

Boosting your brand

If you partner with brands with big names, then you are at an advantage of skyrocketing your brand as well. The reputation of the big brand will start getting associated with your brand

Benefits from SEO

Cross-promotion on the digital side can also have search engine optimization benefits. If you partner with protuberant businesses, then the traffic and the backlinks from their sites and social media posts can boost your ranking in the search engine. Attaining that higher ranking in search engines will translate to more sales!

Wrap up

Cross-promotion is a fast, easy, and cost-effective method of building your tech business. Just remember that you need to partner with the right business. Ensure they are legitimate, a well-established brand, and jig-saw fit for your goals. You can also work with a cross-promotion agency to help you find and strike long-lasting partnerships that work.

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