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What To Expect From Dell XPS 15 (2019 Edition)

The market of laptops is not growing as much as smartphone market is growing. Though laptops are also as necessary as smartphones in our daily life, laptop industry is not in limelight as much as smartphones. But things are changing now and there are many laptops in the market, which are getting good recognition. If we talk about premium laptops (not gaming laptops), the first and probably only name comes into our mind is Apple’s MacBook. There are very limited Windows laptop, which comes in that segment but they don’t provide the performance and experience like MacBooks.

But from past few years, Dell’s XPS series is giving head to head competition to MacBooks. The 2018 version of XPS 15 is better in many ways. But still there are some flaws, which keeps it behind the MacBook. XPS fans are having high expectations from the 2019 version of XPS 15, that it will repair the previous flaws. So today, lets talk about my expectations from Dell XPS 15 (2019 edition).


  • Design:

From past few years, Dell XPS series is one of the best premium looking laptops in the market. The 2015 version of XPS 15 is the first Windows laptop to have best looking design and premium built as compared to MacBook. The aluminum body and carbon fiber chassis is one the best and premium combination in laptops as of now. Many people including me find the carbon fiber chassis better than MacBook’s chassis. Hinge is made of very good quality. Also the keyboard as well as track pad is one of the best in the market. But the single problem, which I find here is the webcam placement. Those who use webcam often, especially for their work, will surely hate the downside position of webcam on XPS 15. It will be very irritating for the other side person to view your nostrils while talking with you. And if it will be a business meeting, then your deal is in danger. So I genuinely think that Dell should place the webcam on top, just like what they did with XPS 13 (2019).


  • Display:

Dell XPS lineup has one of the best display in the industry in terms of color accuracy. Last year XPS 15 is probably the only laptop to have 100% Adobe RGB. Even the latest MacBook Pro has 99% Adobe RGB. This is a dream laptop for every content creator because of this beautiful display. Its 4k panel is on par obviously, but even the Full HD panel is the best Full HD panel we have seen so far, with same RGB and Adobe RGB as 4k panel. Regarding display this is a perfect device, and probably it’s the biggest USP. But it would be interesting to see a 4k OLED panel in 2019 XPS 15. In CES this year some laptop companies showcased OLED display on a laptop, and we know that OLED is more pronounced and advance panel than IPS LCD.


  • Performance:

Now let’s talk about another USP of this device i.e. performance. With up to Intel core i9 processor, 32GB RAM, 1TB NVME SSD storage, this is one of the most powerful machine in this sleek design. This good looking design contains a powerhouse within. Here it would be good if Dell will use the Ice Lake processors in their upcoming XPS 15, which was unveiled in CES this January. Also in countries like India there should be customizable for storage and chipset selection, just like US. And it would be good if Dell will launch a Core i5 variant in countries like India at lesser price, for those who don’t want heavy power but want a color accurate display.


  • Graphics:

This is probably one of the rare laptop that has sleek design, made for content creators, yet has a good graphic card inside. Last year’s XPS 15 has Nvidia GTX-1050ti Max-Q graphic card with 4GB V-RAM. For graphics I don’t think it need any major upgrade, maybe a lowest end RTX graphic card. That’s because this is not a gaming series. For casual gaming 1050ti is a decent card. Why Dell should not upgrade to RTX 2060? We will talk about the same in next point.


  • Cooling System:

Now this is the problem with almost all thin & light premium laptops, heating and thermal throttling. Even MacBook throttles while doing heavy tasks. And this is a noticeable issue in XPS 15 from past few generations. Last year model got some software tweak but that’s not sufficient. The XPS 15 2019 should come with a better cooling system. Less heat will surely sustain the robust performance of this machine for long-term use. Fingers crossed for this.


  • Battery:

Last year’s XPS 15 has a very good battery life for both Full HD variant and 4k variant. It had a 97W battery which is good enough, but not as good as MacBook. We hope that either Dell should increase battery capacity a bit without loosing the sleek design, or do some wonderful software optimization to preserve the battery.


  • Ports:

Dell XPS 15 has one of the best port selections in its category. Unlike MacBook, which only has multiple Type-C Thunderbolt ports, it has almost every port required for a premium laptop. But this time Dell can go for Type-C charging instead of their proprietary charging port. Through this one can charge their XPS 15 with any Type-C charger (not the one which comes with smartphones). Actually every laptop should have Type-C charging so that users won’t get out of charge due to unavailability of charger.


So these are the changes, which I personally want to see in Dell XPS 15 (2019 Edition). The 2018 model is still very excellent laptop for content creators, but these minor yet important changes will make it a perfect laptop for them. What are your expectations from upcoming Dell XPS 15? Let us know in the comments below.

I will do some non-smartphone articles more often, because there are a lot of things other than laptops in the tech industry. So let me know your favorite tech topics, which you want me to talk about. And most importantly, stay tuned with us for more information.

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