What To Expect From Google In 2020

Google Brings COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports

We are just a couple of hours away from 2020, and the entire world is getting ready to welcome the brand new year, the upcoming year will bring many innovative as well as groundbreaking products for us. Well, Google is one of the top contenders of the tech industry and in this article, we will discuss the things which we can expect from the Mountain View company in 2020. So, let’s dive into the article to check out things that we can see in 2020 from Google.

More Powerful Google Assistant

Google Makes Major Announcement For Google Assistant

The Mountain View company Google introduced a new version of Google Assistant and it came with more powerful features as well as an updated design, the company announced the new version of Google Assistant with the fourth generation of Pixel smartphones at the Made by Google event. Well, in 2020 we can expect even more power-packaged features to be added on the board and it is expected that the company will redesign the Google Assistant completely and bring fresh and attractive designing language which will make the trend of next year.

We also expect that the company will make things, even more, faster and remove the need of the internet to carry out certain things that Google can do even without the connectivity of the internet. Moreover, it is also expected that the company will use artificial intelligence to the next level and make the digital assistant smarter to make things easier for the entire users.

Chrome OS and Chromebook

Google Announces Chrome OS With Split Screen For Tablets And More

The Chrome OS and Chromebooks are the attempts of Google for the laptop industry and the company wants to offer a seamless experience to the entire users of the world. But there are some obstacles that dragged the company behind, but we believe in 2020 Google will find the solution and make the Chromebooks a more meaningful way and it will help users to done things quickly as well as easily. On the other hand, the Chrome OS will play a vital role because the company will do all the major stuff in the operating system and it will need to be tuned perfectly to offer an amazing experience for the users and we expect that the company will implement a more powerful as well as handy features which will allow users to customize things as they can do on their Android phone.

Android Auto

Toyota Tipped To Bring Android Auto

Android Auto is another most important factor of the Mountain View company Google and we expect that in 2020 the company will expand the availability of the same in more cars and collaborate with brands to implement the same in their upcoming vehicles. We also expect that the company will bring more powerful features on Android Auto and make driving easy as well as help users to distract from their phone when he or she on the driving seat. Finally, we expect that the company will use the power of artificial intelligence as well as machine learning in the Android Auto to understand user’s needs while driving such as enabling the wipers or opening the window according to the atmosphere as well as the daily routines of a user.


Everything About 5G Technology

As we know, 5G will dominate 2020 and it will help brands to done things faster and we can expect Google to utilize the maximum of the next generation telecommunication to make it’s services even faster. Moreover, we can also expect a new project of Google with 5G and that will introduce something new and innovative for the entire globe. With the next-generation telecommunication technology, Google can also boost the speed as well as the efficiency of its various services and we are quite sure that Google will definitely be going to take all the advantages of the new telecommunication generation.

Google Stadia

Google Unveils Stadia Cloud Gaming Service

This product is the hot new of Google’s portfolio and it is a big cloud gaming service launched a couple of months ago. However, the company made available it on a very small area but we believe that in 2020, the company will make it more accessible and Google will integrate the same with the other popular platforms which will allow wide audience to play more games and then only the company can able to give head to head competition with its competitors such as Xbox and more.

Android 11

YouTube Music Now Replacing Google Play Music On Android 10

Next year Google will roll out Android 11 and it is really hard to predict the upcoming features, but we expect that the company will develop the upcoming version of the operating system with lots of privacy tools along with the power of artificial intelligence which will boost the performance of the smartphones which run on Android 11 along with making the Google Assistant more powerful.

We also expect that Google will implement a new sharing feature that would be similar to Apple’s AirDrop and it is also expected that the company will make changes to the entire user interface. Moreover, we also started to hear some rumours about the upcoming operating system and it reveals that the company may change some most important things such as it will remove the restriction of recording videos and this will allow users to record videos more than 4 GB in size and it is also expected that the company will tune the dark mode to an extended level as well.

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Pixel 5 Series

The fourth generation Pixel devices did not come up to the mark, as the company implemented not so attractive design and disappointed users with the various factors such as the company ditched a fingerprint scanner and the camera also disappointed people when we compare to the previous generations. However, we expected in 2020 Google will launch the Pixel 5 series with more attractive design and fix all the failures of this year. We expect that the company will launch the upcoming Pixel devices with the actual in-display front facing camera and it won’t have any type of notch on the top of the display. We also expect that the upcoming Pixel devices will come with an in-display fingerprint scanner and powerful gesture support.

IoT Products

Google Home Mini Review Small But Awesome

The Made by Google 2020 will be an expansion of Google’s IoT product portfolio, as the company may launch smart devices and that includes Google smart television along with an upgraded Google mesh router which will come with improved performance and design than the current generation. We also expect that the company will develop more attractive smart displays that will help users to start their day with all the updated things and it is also expected that Google will improve its smart speakers with powerful features and timely updates. Moreover, we also want Google to make a solution to know people about the updates of the smart devices and there should be an option to do the same manually because currently there is no option to know about the update as it automatically gets the new version of the software, especially on smart speakers. Finally, we all expect that Google will utilize the power of 5G in next year and make its IoT products faster and amazing.

Pixel Watch

Sundar Pichai Wears Fossil Smartwatch At Google I/O

Since 2016, Google disappointing its fans as it is not saying anything about a Smartwatch. But in 2020, we believe that the Mountain View company Google will launch a Pixel-branded smartwatch and that will come with all the basic features along with some innovative implementations of Google. Having said that, the company already purchased Fossil Smartwatch tech early this year and the company also acquired Fitbit and this makes us believe that Pixel Watch is not far away from reality. Moreover, we also expect that the company will make some features exclusive on the Pixel Watch through the Wear OS.

Wear OS

Google Rebrands Android Wear As Wear OS

This operating system is meant for the wearable and we believe the company will make it sharper and bolder in 2020, the company is also expected to bring more privacy as well as powerful features on the board in the coming days. We all suspect that Google will add gesture support to make things easier for the users as well.


How To Use Smart Compose Feature in Gmail

This year we witnessed for many changes in the world’s most favourite email client – Gmail and in 2020 we can see safely assume that you Google will take it to the extended level and we can also expect that the company will implement some sort of Google Assistant features in the email client to make life easier. Moreover, we can also expect more powerful spam filtration in the coming year.

So, let’s wait for all the amazing announcements of Google in 2020 and we would like to hear your thoughts about the things which are mentioned above in the comments section below. We recommend you to stay tuned with us for the latest updates. If you are new on this website then don’t forget to smash the ‘Red Bell’ icon at the left corner of the screen.

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