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WhatsApp Latest Flaw Will Suspend Your Account

It is a helpless situation

WhatsApp is the world’s most favourite instant messaging application and millions of users are connected and many businesses are also linked with this particular instant messaging application. The developers of the instant messaging application also bring new features on the regular basis but the security flaw also regular stuff of this particular application. Well, now a new Security flaw has been discovered and the same will make you and me helpless. So without making any further delay let’s dive into the article to check out the latest Security issue of WhatsApp.

It is discovered that hackers can able to suspend your WhatsApp account if they got your number. It is said that the attackers request and enter incorrect SMS codes which we receive via SMS for the verification and the attackers will enter incorrect code multiple times and this will result into the lockout of WhatsApp sign-in for the next 12 hours.

After this time period, the attackers will register a new email address and email to the WhatsApp support team and they will request to deactivate the number with a lost stolen account as the reason. Now comes the helpless moment, as the WhatsApp team suspends the number instantly without any verification about the request is from the correct end.

There is no statement by the official side at this moment of time but we believe that the developers of the instant messaging application WhatsApp will work on the same and solve the problem at the earliest.

What can you do

As I mentioned above, it is a helpless moment because we can’t do anything as there is no verification process is there. But there are some things which we can able to keep in our mind which will help us to keep our number active.

First of all, don’t give your WhatsApp number to someone whom you don’t know and also exit from the groups which are inactive or someone added you without your permission.

So let’s wait for the response by the official side and we also expect that the problem will be solved very soon.

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