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Why Are EBooks Better Than Print Books?

The biggest debate that is going around is if eBooks are better than print books. A lot of readers still prefer reading the traditional way, which is buying physical printed books. The reason why people still prefer printed books is because of the tactile feel it offers. There are a number of distinct and versatile benefits that eBooks offer compared to print books. Although print books are going to stay for a long time, given below are a few benefits of eBooks:

They are instant

When it comes to eBooks, you do not even have to leave your house to buy them or lend it from your local library. All you have to do is buy textbooks directly from digital bookstores and download them whenever you want to on your device. A lot of libraries also provide eBooks these days where you can instantly download the books without needing to visit the library. Imagine sitting in your pyjamas in the comfort of your house and not having to step out to buy books. Is that not exciting enough?

They are portable

When you buy textbooks or print books, especially the hardbound ones, it can be very heavy. On the other hand, eBooks devices are light in weight, and they are designed in that way. It is very easy to carry eBooks around, which has hundreds and thousands of books stored in the library. Whether you are on a flight or a train, eBooks can come in handy. Physical books can restrict the number of books you carry along with you. What will you do if you complete reading a book and still have free time? EBooks have a collection of books so you will run out of options.

They have built-in dictionaries

It can be frustrating when you are reading a book and come across a term that you do not know the meaning of. You will then have to search for a dictionary or pull out your phone to search the meaning of that term. But, most of the times, you will not even bother about searching a dictionary and keep yourself hanging, wondering what the word means. The modern eReaders come with built-in dictionaries where you just have to tap on the word to look up its meaning. You would not even have to leave the app to find the meaning, as it will be displayed on the screen.

Easy to store

Firstly, they take a lot less space compared to print books. Avid readers tend to store a lot of books which will end up taking their entire free space and make the house look clumsy. EBooks have an extensive collection of books in their library, and it does not take more than a book’s space. They are easier to manage compared to a bookshelf cluttered with books.

You even get the option to customize the font size and style according to your preference, unlike print books where you cannot do anything about the small fonts.

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