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WiFi 6: what it is and why it should interest you

Samsung introduced the new Galaxy S10 a few days ago. We have already explained to you in depth what the new “smartphones” of the company are like, but perhaps there is a detail of them that we have overlooked: they include the new version of Wi-Fi 6. «Since when are Wi-Fi networks numbered?», You ask. «What does the new network contribute?». We are going to clear the keys. You guys can also check the Internet speed test and feel many other improvements with the latest standards.

The first thing you have to know is that the S10 is the first device in the world to include this new version, which will put an end to some of the problems that users complain about in terms of Wi-Fi connections in the mobile, such as the low speed in some occasions, the cost of battery that originates in the terminal or the doubts regarding the security of the wifi access points.

“Wifi Alliance” is the entity in charge of defining said technology, promoting its development under the standards established throughout the world. And it has decided that the wifi 6 to be the next step, and the 5G what is 4G. As the entity reports, we talk about the next generation of connectivity, which will provide the capacity, coverage, and performance required by users, even in environments with many connected devices, where Wi-Fi often fails.

Evolution of the Wifi standards
Evolution of the Wifi standards – INTEL

There are several advantages that wifi 6 will offer:

– It will allow the user to personalize the use of the Network and data so that, in an intelligent way, the device detects which is the best connection and can continue navigating quickly and stable.

– It will allow a lower consumption of batteries in the devices, which makes it a solid option for any environment, including the uses of smart homes and the Internet of Things (IoT).

– Offers higher data rates, higher capacity, better performance in environments with many connected devices and improved power efficiency.

– Warn the user about the security of Wi-Fi hotspots to prevent unwanted cybercriminals from accessing their data.

We speak, therefore, of a more “smart” wifi. And is that the world is moving towards so many connected devices that it is already impossible for the current systems to continue to maintain them. By 2025, we will go from 20,000 million connected objects to 75,000 million.

Easy and simple names

«Wifi Alliance», in addition, has taken into account a new nomenclature for the Network with the aim of helping users identify the devices that provide the latest Wi-Fi experience. For this reason, it has decided to introduce simplified generational names that can appear in device names and product descriptions.

Until now, all the Wi-Fi was identified with a series of numbers and letters impossible to identify for most of the users. For example, the nomenclature of Wi-Fi 6 corresponds to 802.11ax technology. The user who sees such a combination on a router, for example, is very likely not to know what it is. Therefore, the Wi-Fi standards will be renamed by the manufacturers, but also the old devices, so that the 802.11n standard, which dates back to 2009, will now be called Wi-Fi 4; the 802.11ac, 2014, wifi 5. And so on.

New names for wifi networks
New names for Wi-Fi networks – Wifi Alliance

«Each generation of Wi-Fi offers new features: faster speeds, better performance, and better experiences. The adoption of new terminology by the industry will help users to better understand the experience they can expect, “says the entity.

20 years of wifi

Wi-Fi, for two decades, has allowed users from all over the world to connect, even in underdeveloped areas. It has also allowed more productive and flexible work environments and has opened completely new markets. The objective, according to “Wifi Alliance”, is that during 2019, the year in which said technology turns 20, Wi-Fi 6 starts to take its first steps. And that’s the way it is. The sample is not only in the new Samsung Galaxy S10 but also in Best Wifi Extenders, which I presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona a new router that will be the first to integrate wifi 6. Qualcomm has announced that its next chip, the Snapdragon 855, has support for wifi 6. Huawei has also presented in Barcelona the technical report ” Unleashing the power of wifi: wifi quality 6 business quality for 2019-2023 “, which ensures that by 2023, the network will be implemented in 90% of the companies.

The wifi 6 is, therefore, the future, the logical and natural evolution of the current network, as it is the 5G. Users will have nothing to do, simply, as new technologies are developed, new smartphones and other devices that we buy will have support for wifi 6.

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