Yahoo mail app update for Android; Tightened the security

Yahoo not having good time in terms of security. Recently they got a huge blow, hackers stolen 500 million data. Now they have updated their mail application for Android users, in the latest update the company has added fingerprint, web and video previews and few more features.




If you have updated the Yahoo Mail then you can able to add your fingerprints to secure your application, and if your phone does not support fingerprint scanner then you can add custom app specific password to access account changes and the app itself. Now the app ability to edit your account information from inside the app, and a quicker way to modify your account information.


Yahoo finally added the preview feature in the application, which means now you can see some kind of links and videos inside the app without going to browser or YouTube.


If you are a Yahoo Mail application user, then head to Google Play Store and update the application now.


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