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YouTube Unveils New Features At Vidcon For Immersive Video Watching

YouTube announced some of its latest updates and statistics in the  VidCon  (an annual gathering of online video creators and fans) YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki gave some surprising facts and updates about the ongoing success and growth of YouTube.








Susan Wojcicki said that youtube users currently watch an average of 1 hour of mobile viewing per day She also noted that YouTube’s increased emphasis on live streaming has resulted in an increase in viewing four times greater than last year. YouTube Red, the company’s original videos, has launched 37 series that have generated “nearly a quarter billion views.”







YouTube unveiled a new virtual reality technology, called VR180, which allows users to make VR content easily.The company is working with camera makers to create products that can feature the new technology, which shows only a view of what’s in front of a VR camera, rather than a 360-degree view of a scene.



VR180 videos can only be seen using a VR headset and will otherwise appear as normal videos.In VR 180 you lose the ability to pan around the globe-like video environments of YouTube 360-degree videos. but this approach may actually allow immersive video recording while boosting image quality and gives the in-depth feel.



Important Updates




The upcoming update for mobile YouTube app will allow the size of the screen to automatically adjust to whichever video format is uploaded, and Desktop Youtube users will notice a dark theme and other interesting features.



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