10 Tips And Tricks To Use Smartwatch Effectively

10 Tips And Tricks To Use Smartwatch Effectively

The smartwatch technology has grown in leaps and bounds to include amazing features to meet different personal needs. However, if you have just bought a smartwatch, you could be missing a lot of fun when your battery drains fast. Better still, you have been using a smartwatch for quite some time now, it is possible to miss out important calls or doctor’s appointment especially if you are not aware of the operational tricks and tips that you can apply to effectively use your smartwatch.

Alex Tchablakian, COO at says that there is so much that you can accomplish by applying smartwatch operational tips and tricks. With these tips, you can never miss out any feature that your smartwatch offers.

Below are tips and tricks to use smartwatch effectively

Battery saving tricks Like smartphones, most smartwatches have a battery capacity that will only last for a day when fully charged. This means that you have to charge it daily lest it goes off at the point when you need it most; for instance, while at the gym. It is important to note that the battery can drain even faster than expected despite it being charged depending on use. To prevent your smartwatch better from draining fast;

  • reduce its screen brightness
  • uninstall active unnecessary apps
  • deactivate notifications especially those that you don’t use
  • switch on to the Theatre Mode and lastly,
  • use Wi-Fi only when it’s necessary, otherwise use your other mobile devices


  1. Personalizing your watch face – It is in human nature to forget; however, it’s very embarrassing to miss out your doctor’s appointment or the first date when you have your smartwatch right there with you. This is likely to happen when the smartwatch display goes blank when it is inactive. Well, to ensure your smartwatch keeps you posted on your day’s event, customize the watch face on the layout subdials and select your preferable theme and style so that you can see you calendar events at a glance. This way, you will be able to accomplish your day’s events.


  1. Modifying your text replies – Unlike other mobile devices that are very easy to read and send texts, this is not usually the case with smartwatches owing to their small screen display. This can get your loved ones worried if their text goes unanswered which is why you will find quick default response handy. Smartwatch allows various automatic response that you can easily use to respond to different situations without the need for typing. All you have to do is set different default texts that generally responds to a call or text; for instance, you may say, “Will call you back shortly” or “Not in a position to talk now” to mention a few.


  1. Get the directions with ease – If you are in the middle nowhere and searching for directions while driving, it can be very tricky holding or looking at your phone as you may be a mistake for texting or answering a call, which can mistakenly earn you a traffic ticket. Well, you can effectively use your Android smartwatch to accurately get directions without necessarily synchronizing it to your other mobile devices. To use this feature, you only need to install the Google Map app and activate navigation. The only downside of this trick is the lack of audible commands as it is with smartphones; however, you can sync it with your smartphone to get the voice commands while you occasionally glance at the watch to avoid raising any concerns while driving.


  1. Running a quick music errand – With the latest smartwatches, it is now possible to sync audio devices like headphones and speakers via Bluetooth and listen to your favorite playlists with ease. This saves you the need to carry your smartphone with you and also reduces the bulk when going out a run or while at the gym. All you have to do is load the SD card with your playlist and you will be ready to go. Better still, you can stream live if you have internet connectivity although this will drain the battery fast.


  1. Controlling your other smart devices – This is another great feature that you can use to remotely control other smart devices like household appliances and light from the comfort of your wrist smartwatch. Additionally, you can also take advantage of the Google assistant and still control smart devices by giving voices commands. To activate this feature on your smartwatch, open Google and click settings where you will find Google assistant. By clicking on the assistant page and scroll down, where you find assistant devices that give you the option to add a device.


  1. Finding your misplaced phone – If you are alone in the office and no one to call your phone when you have misplaced it in a pile of files, it can take you a lot of time probably the whole day before you can finally find it. With an android wrist smartwatch, you can install find my devices app and use it to call your phone in case you have misplaced it or if it is stolen and connected to Wi-Fi.


  1. Creating workout goals – It is now possible to reduce weight effectively and live a healthy lifestyle thanks to smartwatch wearables that comes with sensors in form of patches that enables it to collect vital workout data like distance walked or ran. Additionally, you can install fitness apps that will come along with workout instructions and calories burnt to help you lose weight and build muscles.


  1. Get silent alerts from other devices – It sounds very irresponsible to have your phone ringing loudly while in a meeting or in the middle of a presentation. Well, you can mute your other devices and get silent alerts from your wrist devices. This will ensure that you don’t cause interruptions while you are in the middle of a proceeding. To activate this function, simply go to settings and activate mute. All the notifications will silently be sent to your smartwatch where you simply feel the vibration on your wrist.


  1. Making mobile payments – Today with mobile banking it’s very easy to shop at the stores without the need for carrying cash. All you will need is loading your money to a mobile device. However, sometimes it can be very cumbersome to search your phone from the handbag or pocket to have it scanned for payment when you can simply scan your wrist. This will even save a lot of time for other shoppers cueing behind you. To use this feature, you have to install a pay app such as Android app and load it with cash. This way, you can easily budget your money.

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