5 Legitimate Reasons Employees Need a Gaming Break

As bizarre as it sounds, gaming, whether online or console, is essential to the daily performance of our human brain capacity to reach optimum capability to execute tasks given by companies. In China, it is believed the average start up employee hardly rests at home but is given access to full amenities, which may not be much but the art of distraction is everything. Google is another prime example of allowing employees the productive reprieve of relaxing their minds through a series of creative rooms, chill rooms, food vendors and even gaming spaces. Although this method of creative reprieve is observed as an eccentric strategy, it has proven to be a successful method in heightening employee’s productive juices and has kept those using this method incredibly satisfied in their current work spaces. According to these 5 reasons, it’s completely legitimate to play games at an office during breaks to get those creative juices flowing.

Research Proves Gamers Are Happier

Regular gamers have been monitored through scientific studies and proven to be happier than your everyday Joe employer. Gaming is a perfect stimulant for happiness and is an ideal method to keep employers engaged within their work place.

Gaming Encourages Creativity

Rather than sitting on Facebook all day long, employees are able to allow their creative side of their brains absorb high definition graphic images of animated images rather than the depressing reality of plastic relationships, better working environments and fabricated happy endings. Gaming is essentially a portal which can be used to escape everyday realities or pretences of what we imagine is an everyday life according to society which is unhealthy.


Allowing your employees the opportunity to catch a well-earned break and play a game of Fortnite or Gears of War will noticeably increase productivity within the work space. Taking a break from the pressures of everyday office politics is essential in the growth and development of your company.

Team Building

If you, as an employer, have a gaming room fit for employees who need a break, you could be guaranteed employers within the office will begin forging friendship alliances as they congregate in the gaming room. As stereotypical as this all sounds, it has been proven workers who share a common interest, be it games, books, or other forms of activities, tend to work better together and in some cases even forge friendships.

Team A vs. Team B

Some employees need a place to vent or to offload with issues regarding fellow employees. Rather than calling a ‘Barney’ outside the workplace, employers could create a fun corner where employers would need to game it off. This kind of approach to issues has a positive effect on employers and although it may initially come as a surprise, getting the entire office in on the row has an incredibly fun effect on the issue at hand.

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