6 Gaming Trends for 2021

There are so many existing games, consoles, companies, and gamers out there, it is hard to imagine there is still room for evolutions and changes to any of it. But, since the gaming world is full of dedicated, super intelligent, driven individuals, there is bound to be at least a few new trends that pop up in 2021!


  1. Mobile Gaming


Did you spend all of 2020 playing Animal Crossing on your Nintendo Switch? Yeah, us too. Though the hype on Animal Crossing has died down a bit, mobile gaming does not stop there. The pandemic has made mobile gaming a more accessible and highly sought-after market.


It has also helped to evolve mobile gaming into what could be seen as social media. You have been able to connect with friends online for years, but 2020 made it obvious just how vital that can be when we are no longer able to see our friends in person. Until the world becomes stronger and more resistant to the challenges 2020 brought, 2021 will continue to bring us more in the world of mobile gaming.


  1. Virtual Reality


Though virtual reality has been developing for quite some time now, we have moved past the need for wires and being stuck in one spot when playing. Oculus in particular has cut the cords and given us a wire-free virtual reality experience.


Plus, they are constantly devoting time, effort, and resources to research, that way they can go and evolve with the ever-changing gaming world. This is something that has started in years past, but it will remain a trend for years to come!


  1. Streaming


We know that sometimes gaming can be stressful. And at times you just need to turn off the console and chill out. If you need to take a step back from being the one who’s playing the games, watching your favorite gamers on a livestream will be the perfect thing for you!


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  1. Independent Developers


Yes, we love the big-name developers, but 2021 is the year that a lot of independent developers will shine. With games like Cyberpunk 2077 getting the spotlight they deserve, it will continue to make room for other smaller developing companies.


The best part about these developers is that they really listen to the users. They want to make sure their gamers are satisfied with what they have made. With a big-name developer, gamers are less likely to be heard, and the developer will rarely update and change things in response to feedback. By investing your money in smaller companies, you are going to start to see a surge in new and never before seen games!


  1. Inclusivity


2020 brought about a lot of social change, and it was about time. Expect to see this translated into the gaming industry. We expect to see more inclusive games in the New Year. Games that will tell stories from perspectives we haven’t heard enough from, or updates to current games to make sure everyone is properly and appropriately represented.


  1. Console Upgrades


Console upgrades are of course to be expected almost every year, as we have seen at the end of 2020 from Microsoft and Sony. But 2021 is looking like it is going to be the year of small updates and upgrades.


Those day one edition consoles are most definitely going to be showing their flaws once they hit the masses, so there is no doubt that Microsoft and Sony will be working hard to release better, new and improved versions of their previously brand new consoles. Let’s hope they will make more, too. That way we can finally get our hands on one!


2021 should, without a doubt, be a great year for gaming. With all of the exciting things happening in the gaming world, why not treat yourself to a new game that you’ve been dying to get? You deserve it.  Happy New Year and happy gaming!

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Written by Team Technobugg


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