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Summer was loads of fun but now it’s almost time to go back to school! In case you don’t have a phone, and are thinking of which one to buy next, it’s very probable that you feel overwhelmed by all the possibilities and don’t know which one to go for. If you’re interested in an iPhone, you’re more likely to know what you want. However, if you’re interested in an Android phone, the pool of possibilities doesn’t really feel like a pool; it feels more like an ocean.

That’s what this article is for. We scoured through the literally hundreds of brands and looked for the ones best suited for students in 2020. Are you interested in knowing which ones made it to our top 8 list? Read on!

  1. Google Pixel 3a

As a student, you probably want to get a phone that’s reliable and has lots of useful features without having to sell your kidney to afford it. This is a very delicate balance between affordability and quality, and not many phones get it right. However, the Google Pixel 3a hits the notes perfectly.

The Pixel 30 is the first phone Google has released in the mid-price range and it’s one of the best phones we’ve seen in that category in a very long while.

For starters, while most mid-range phones have average cameras, the Pixel 3a is competing with more expensive flagship phones.

This phone also comes with Android 10, which you can expect to get lots of software updates in 2021, well ahead of older versions of Android. The Snapdragon 670 processor, AMOLED display, and NFC for contactless payments are the icing on the cake that is this remarkable phone. And also don’t forget the 3.5mm headphone jack it comes with – a breath of fresh air in a world where many phones seem to conveniently exclude it from their offerings.

  1. Moto G Power

If you’re looking for endurance in your handset, so it can serve you long into the night as you try to write the best dissertation you can, then the Moto G Power is here for you. Motorola’s Moto G line of phones offers exceptional value, and the G Power does not disappoint.

This phone comes with a formidable 5000 mAh battery, which can easily soldier on for up to 3 days before needing a recharge. This could prove to be a lifesaver for some of your busiest weeks at school. In case you want to recharge, the handset comes paired with a handy USB-C charger.

That’s not to mean this phone does not excel in other areas. It has a 6.4 inch full HD display, 3 rear cameras, and excellent software. If you’re a fan of famous features like Moto Actions and Moto Display, then you certainly won’t be disappointed.

  1. TCL 10L

This is one of the most underrated smartphones in the world. While TCL is primarily known as a television manufacturer, the 10L represents the company’s foray into the smartphone market. It’s a great handset with impressive specs and features you’ll love.

The display on the 10L is a 6.53 inch full HD display with slim bezels, representing all the experience TCL has gathered making television screens. The phone also has NXTVISION technology, which offers more accurate and vibrant colors. Perfect for writing great custom essay papers! It’s really one of the best displays you’ll find on the market.

Inside is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor paired with 6GB of RAM. That makes for an awesome performance. Now combine that with 64GB of internal storage, a customizable Smart Key that you can program to do whatever you want, and NFC, and you have a winner!

  1. OnePlus 8

Now, with the OnePlus, price certainly is a huge factor. This isn’t exactly one of the cheapest phones on the market. That said, if you’re looking for the best high end experience out there, it’s really difficult to beat the OnePlus 8. The interesting thing is that, while it’s such a high end and expensive phone, it’s still cheaper than a similar Samsung or Apple, and yet offers the same, if not better, experience.

The hardware on this phone is jaw dropping. The build quality and design are out of this world. The display blows many others in the market out of the water. It’s a 6.55 inch AMOLED display with a 90 Hz refresh rate. It has 3 rear cameras, 8 GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 865 processor, 128 GB of internal storage, and a respectable 4300 mAh battery with a 30W wired charger that recharges in 15 or so minutes.

The software is just as impressive. OnePlus’s fork of Android is OxygenOS, which is one of the best interfaces out there. It’s definitely going to hold its own when you visit your favorite essay writing website. It’s based on Android 10, which means it’s modern, and has loads of features like gaming and reading modes that you won’t find in other Android phones.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung is another costly phone, but it does offer great features. We particularly love the Galaxy Note 9, which was among the best phones of 2019. The Galaxy Note 10 does not disappoint either. This phone has a 6.3 inch display, 8 GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 855 processor, 256 GB of internal memory, 3 rear cameras, and a 3500 mAh battery.

Yes, we notice that the batter isn’t one of the longest lasting on the market, but we’ll forgive it based on the exciting features that come with this phone, our favorite of which is the S Pen. You can use it to write notes as you get assignment help online, draw, and even as a remote camera button when taking pictures or as a clicker when making presentations. Doesn’t it sound perfect for school?

  1. Nokia 5.3

Nokia comes as an excellent low cost option for those students who are looking for a nice budget phone. It actually offers a lot more value than its price tag might suggest, with great build quality, a modern design, 4 rear cameras, and a fingerprint sensor on the back.

The hardware is also pretty impressive, with a Snapdragon 665 processor, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB internal storage, NFC for Google Play, and even a 4000 mAh, not to mention Android 10, this phone is definitely a great bargain!

  1. Realme X50 Pro

The Realme X50 fast charging smartphone is a bit of an unknown phone, but that’s not to say it isn’t a great option for its features. It can charge from empty to full in just 35 minutes, thanks to a 65W power adapter and USB-C charging cable. It also has a 4200 mAh battery, which will last a fair bit before it runs out of juice.

It’s also pretty great on the other fronts, with a 6.44 inch AMOLED full HD display that has a 90 Hz refresh rate. Under the hood it has a Snapdragon 865 processor and 3 rear cameras.

  1. OnePlus 7T

Finally, we end with the OnePlus 7T, which is in the upper mid-price range for smartphones. It comes with a 6.7 inch AMOLED display, full HD display with a 90 Hz refresh rate. It also has a Snapdragon 855+ processor and 8 GB of RAM.

Sure, it’s still not cheap, but it is cheaper than the OnePlus 8, and it’s also got some great features that make it worth it. If your budget allows, you should certainly try it!


Any of the Android phones on this list will be great for a student’s needs, and many of them are within the range of a student’s budget. Pick one and go back to school with a bang!

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