A Message To All, From TechnoBugg

Hello everyone !!! It’s me Harsh Sharma, writer at TechnoBugg. This article is a message to all our viewers, who are curios or confused about the inactivity of TechnoBugg from past few days. So, let’s talk a bit.


If you are a regular viewer of TechnoBugg, you would have noticed that from past few days, the website is completely down. That’s because the website was suffering from a technical issue, due to which we had to shut down the website. But now the issue is being resolved to an extent and we will continue our duty to provide you with all the latest tech news.


Me and everyone at TechnoBugg apologize to all our viewers who missed the latest tech news from our side. We will try our best to ensure that you all will get all latest tech news without any problem. Once again, thanks for supporting.

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