Akhil Explains – What Is Refresh Rate

Akhil Explains - What Is Refresh Rate

Hello readers welcome back to yet another article of Akhil Explains. Every week I come up with a new topic which is actually suggested by one of you and today I’ll discuss the refresh rate display which is currently popular in the smartphone industry. These days we are having Smartphones under ₹15,000 with a high refresh rate display and the same actually enhance your experience and offers better gaming and overall smartphone experience. So let’s understand the refresh display in detail. Let’s get into the article to check out the latest topic of Akhil Explains series.

What is the Refresh rate?

The refresh rate actually defines the number of updates of the display of your smartphone and the distinct frames of a display that showcases per second and the same is calculated in Hz. Well, that means the high refresh rate will provide smooth graphics and that will enhance the gaming experience on the smartphone.

Moreover, you can feel the difference when you scroll a web page or menu on the smartphone and the animations will be rendered on your device and the same will happen only if you are using a high refresh rate display.

Types of refresh rate

Well, all the smartphones come with a 60Hz refresh rate as a standard but now nowadays the smartphone brands are started to offer the high refresh rate displacer, and the list includes 90Hz, 120Hz, and even 144Hz.

Having said that, the refresh rate display can’t alone offer a superior viewing experience but for that, you need a high resolution as well and the smartphone brand offers a full HD+ resolution along with a high refresh rate.

However, the high refresh rate and the high-resolution display will consume lots of battery and to solve this problem, smartphone brands introduced the variable refresh rate.

The variable refresh rate will understand the content on your screen and it will lower down and offer a high refresh rate according to your content and the same is monitored as well as powered by the chipset.

As the chipset will determine the content and will offer and the needful refresh rate and this will help you to get more battery.

So I believe that now you understood the setup of the refresh rate of your smartphone display and if you find any kind of doubt then do let me know in the comments section below and I will be happy to clarify it.

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