Amazon’s Zoox Launches Their Brand New Robotaxi

Amazon’s Zoox launches their brand new Robotaxi

Just about six months back Amazon declared the acquisition of self-driving startup Zoox and now the company has launched their first foremost autonomous vehicle. The Zoox robotaxi has built specially for autonomous driving in dense urban areas rather than following the same pattern of other firms.

The robotaxi is 3.36 meters long which is really compact in size. As there is no luggage compartment or a front hood housing a sophisticated mechanical engine. Instead of the old model Zoox has opted a new and comfortable design. This robotaxi has a cabin like design where four passengers can sit facing each other. The Zoox fully autonomous robotaxi has four wheels steering and bi- directional driving in that there is no frout or rear side. The robotaxi also doesn’t have a steering wheel.

Coming to more features of the Zoox autonomous robotaxi it is compact in size but speed is up to 75MPH. It is powered by two efficient individual battery pack that provide about 16 hours of run full time without any hindrance or brake before recharging. So simply a single Zoox autonomous robotaxi will be able to work for a day very smoothly without any problems and will give the passenger utmost comfort too.

The carriage also has some unique features for safety. The carriage features of the robotaxi includes an airbag system special built for its bi-directional design Zoox also claims that all the four seats comes with five star crash safety protection in case for some unexpected safety issues happening. The camera. LIDAR and radar system provide a 270 degree field of view from all four corners of the robotaxi which will basically eliminate blind spots. And thus ensure more protection for the passengers. The tech startup Zoox has disclosed that the autonomous robotaxi has already been tested in Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Foster city, California.

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