Android 12 to come with Gaming Mode and more

Android 12 to come with Gaming Mode and more

With Android 12 launch nearing, we have multiple leaks pouring. Last time, we got a glimpse of how Android 12 looks like, and now we have more information on the expected features which includes a revamped Auto-rotate feature, reduced brightness quick settings toggle and new Gaming Mode.

Starting with the Auto-rotate feature, it will apparently make use of the front camera to detect the orientation that the user might prefer, using this piece of information the system will be able to switch from portrait to landscape and vice versa without user’s intervention. At present Android uses data from accelerometer and gyroscope to detect the needed orientation which is unreliable and inaccurate.

Next, we have GameManager service that is defined as “service to manage game-related features.” The new service is Google’s own API and it will allow games control over incoming notifications, sounds and brightness opening doors for an uninterrupted gaming experience. It could work in conjunction with DND mode and auto-start when games are opened.

Finally, we have a new brightness quick setting toggle. This is expected to shift the screen brightness to a preset quickly when the user presses the respective button inside the quick settings toggle array. The first Android 12 Developer Preview is expected to hit Pixel devices tomorrow. Stay tuned to discover more features that Android 12 will bring on board.


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Written by Abin Benny


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