Android 12 will Allow Easier Access to Third-Party App Stores

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Since the Epic Games protest, there have been talks about whether allowing apps to utilize their own App Stores to circumvent the revenue sharing policy with the respective platforms is right or wrong. Both Google and Apple have even thrown Fortnite out of its App Store for violating this policy. Now Google has announced that they will allow easier access to third-party stores from Android 12.

This is not surprising considering how most of the Android phones already have two App Stores out of the box. One from Google and the other from respective smartphone manufacturers. The decision on how much of the In-App Purchase (IAP) is taken by the store owner various from company to company. Starting from September 30, 2021, Google will enforce the rule that all in-app purchases go through the Google Play billing system.

The rule has been in place from the beginning but was not strictly imposed. According to the company, 97% of the developers make use of the Google Play Billing system. But throwing a tight leash will stop App developers like Fortnite from going around the system. The company says it charges only a “service fee” on IAPs which is actually 30% of the transaction.

If you did not know, the apps that do not comply in sharing the revenue with Google and Apple include Spotify and Epic Games who has launched the “Coalition for App Fairness” that targets the Apple App Store and its 30% fee on sales. We would be soon hearing from this coalition regarding the move from Google. Stay tuned to know if they would retaliate or comply.


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Written by Abin Benny


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