First Developer Preview Of Android P Released Here is Everything You Need To Know

Android 9.0 ‘Pie’ Now Official

Back in may, Google released the Developer’s Preview or the Beta update of Android P to selected number of smartphones. These smartphones include all Pixel phones and some other phones from different OEMs. Same as every year, a lot of guesses on the name of Android ‘P’ are made. So does this year also. Recently we got to know that Android P might be launching on the 20th of August. But seems like Google is in hurry to announce the final stable build as well as the version name.

Just recently Google unveiled the name of Android P, and it’s none other than Android 9.0 i.e. Android Pie. Google is focusing a lot on AI for this Android Pie. And many main Pie features are related to our way of usage of the smartphone. So now let’s have a brief look at what this Android Pie is going to offer:

1. Gesture Navigation:

Android P Beta Everything You Need To Know

From past 1 year, we are seeing that many smartphone OEMs are giving optional or only way to navigate through the phone is based on gestures. So now Google is implementing this feature in stock Android as well. Now there will be only a single button to navigate through the UI on the basis of gestures. If you swipe-up from that single button, the phone will show a newly designed overview. And if you swipe up from anywhere on the screen, the phone will show preview of recently used apps.

2. Smart Text Selection:

We have already seen this on previous Android versions. Here if we select any word or line from a web page or anywhere, the phone will suggestions based on that word. But with Android Pie, you don’t need to actually open the app to do the same. You can even do this from recent apps tab itself.

3. App Actions:

This is the 1st usage based feature of Android Pie. With this, the phone will automatically read our usage pattern of several apps and then it will start predicting our next action when we open an app or go through any service. For example, if I usually listen to Play Music after 10 at the night, then the phone will catch this thing up and automatically after 10, it will suggest you to open Play Music to listen to your favourite playlist.

4. Adaptive Battery & Adaptive Brightness:

Android P Beta Everything You Need To Know

This is the feature which will be beneficial for battery in this version, the Adaptive Battery. This feature is also based on our usage pattern of apps. Here the phone will read our usage of all the apps and will optimise the battery on that basis. Talking about Adaptive Brightness, we saw this way before. But here the meaning of Adaptive Brightness is not just about the brightness level according to the environment, but it will now also change according to our usage of different apps.

5. Slices:

As the name suggests, this feature will give information from a particular app in a slice. Here if you search something related to any particular app, then a slice of that app will give you relevant information. For example, if you search the distance between 2 places in your city, then a slice of Uber app will give you related information like the fare info, etc.

6. Digital Wellbeing:

Over the period of time, people are spending most of their time on smartphones. Agree or not but excess use of smartphones is not beneficial for long term. Google has recognised that and they are giving multiple features to manage the usage of our phone in the name of Digital Wellbeing. These features include Dashboard, App Timer, newer Do Not Disturb, and Wind Down. This Digital Wellbeing is currently only available on Beta, and will be available in the stable by later this fall. Read detailed information on Digital Wellbeing and other Android Pie features in detail by Clicking Here.


Over The Air (OTA) update has started rolling out to Pixel devices and will reach to your Pixel phone anytime now. And those devices which were the part of Android P Beta will receive the stable Android Pie update later this fall. Google says that they are partnering up with more OEMs to provide Android P to their devices by the end of this year.

So that’s all the information we have as of now. Personally speaking, it would be so good if the gesture navigation would have been an optional way instead of the only way to navigate. As many stock Android lovers will miss the three on-screen button navigation. But apart from this, Android Pie seems interesting. Well, what are your thoughts on Android 9.0 i.e. Pie? Also, how is the name ‘Pie’? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Also, stay tuned with us for more information.

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