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Android applications to get 64-bit security support by August 2019

Google testing a new lightweight search app

Google is pushing the limits of Android applications with some security and performance improvements.

Google is planning to add some security and performance improvement to each APK. This is to be made mandatory for all applications to enhance the Playstore mobile apps ecosystem.All android apps will be required to target API( Application Programme Interface ) level from August 2018. So the existing Apps will have to reach the standards of API level 26 or higher from November 2018.

This requirement will increase each year according to that current year aspect which increases the security and improvements of performance of the applications. By August 2019, all apps will have to meet the standard for 64-bit version as well as 32-bit versions and security and performance is the core field where all applications are pushed into.Google will also ensure this standard aspect which deals with security and performance improvements. In my opinion, this initiative by Google will give tough stand against malware and other unsecured applications.


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