Apex Legends Tips and Tricks From Top Pro Players

Apex Legends Tips and Tricks From Top Pro Players

Among the many Battle Royale trends, Apex Legends is probably the most fun especially  when you have info about apex cheats. After establishing traits like the faster gameplay, Apex legends has had a more satisfying increase in content over the years.  

With a new season around the corner, it’s prudent to refine your skills and level of strategy even though getting there isn’t a walk in the park. However, with some clever tips from top pro players and with usage of various Apex Legend cheats one can learn to become quick-witted, more creative, and eventually become the last squad standing.

Apex Legends Tips and Tricks from Top Pro Players

1. Control Your Magazine

When using automatic weapons, you can easily exhaust your magazine once an enemy appears. However, you should learn to control such panic. If you’re missing your shots, don’t continue spraying the bullets aimlessly, firepower won’t compensate for lesser aim. Instead, readjust and secure a precisely-aimed shot.

2. Be Aggressive

This may seem obvious but still, there are many squads during the game who concentrate on staying on the outskirts of the map collecting all the loot they can. This may seem enticing and could even afford you a chance to last till the final 4 or 5 squads with ease. However, things become thick in the long term. So instead of being passive and trying such lacklustre strategies, chase fights.

In Apex Legends, the more aggressive squads are usually more practiced with their weapons and will be hard to topple. As such, go and push whenever possible. By doing so you’ll get more practice and increase your chances of getting a weaker enemy unawares. Importantly, endeavour to stay grouped with your squad as you push.

3. Start the Fight with A Bang

Pro players often start the fights by chucking various explosives at enemies. This helps to disorient or eliminate your opponents in one fell swoop. After starting with either an ever-imposing Arc Star or grenade, now start to gun them down while they’re flustered. The explosives also handy when during a firefight or when retreating.

4. Utilize Balloons to Cover Great Distances Quicker

While playing Apex Legends, you might have noticed a few balloons scattered on the map with long ropes dangling from them. These aren’t for decoration purposes. The balloons can prove handy especially when trying to escape from a sticky situation and also allows you to cover more ground faster.    

5. Dive N’ Glide

When diving headfirst from your drop ship with your squad, it may seem like you’re falling first but there could be some are you that are landing faster, thus being able to grab sweet loot before you can. 

Here’s a trick on how to nudge this important speed advantage in your favor. Aim down to plummet and set your speed to approximately 145mph the level off your glide to a shallower angle. This is very useful especially when aiming to reach distant drop points since it allows you to cover more ground faster.

6. Always Re-Position

In Apex Legends, movement is life. Once your opponents recognize your position, they can easily eliminate you. This holds even during a firefight. You can easily get trapped in a building while your opponent tries to flush you out or decide to push. Ideally, stick together and let your movements and location be unpredictable.

7. Armor-Swap

You can easily get killed while healing and even after eliminating a whole squad, you’re still vulnerable to some third party. They’ll be out to take advantage of your poor health after hearing all the gunshots. Luckily, looting and eliminated enemies can give you a full-body shield especially when in the middle of a firefight. If you run out of batteries of shield cells, you can eliminate a knocked enemy and swap the Armor.

8. Aim for The Head First, Then the Chest

I perceive this to be an unwritten law in FPS games and chances are you’ve heard it all before. However, Apex Legends takes this nuance a step further by including various levels of damage for different areas of the body. Headshots yield the greatest damage and chest shots should be the next step followed by the waist, legs, and lastly the feet. 

9. Bust Down That Door!

This isn’t only cool but can greatly disrupt a squad that’s hiding out in a presumably safe indoor base. By catching them off guard and busting their hideout, you expose them to danger outside. I think this is a wonderful feature to have action hero moments. 

10. Shoot for The Blue Circle

If you didn’t know, the blue circle that radiates randomly on the map holds prime loot, including guaranteed gold equipment. Though risky, you can give it a try especially if it’s far from the dropship. 

The Bottom Line

Winning a match of Apex Legends and staying alive can be tough but hopefully, the above tips and tricks will help someone reach the top. 

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Written by Abin Benny


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