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Apple Secretly Producing Micro-LED Displays For Future iPhones

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Over the past few years we have seen a vast growth in the displays of smartphones. We have come up a long way journey in display technologies, that now we are seeing smartphones having fingerprint sensor within the displays. Talking about the smartphone giant Apple, most of the displays used be them are made by Samsung, LG and Sharp. Apple’s most expensive iPhone X’s display is only made up by Samsung. Now today we have a new information regarding Apple’s growth in this field. So let’s have a look.

There are reports which suggest that Apple is secretly manufacturing their own displays at a manufacturing plant in California, USA. These are Micro-LED displays. This is a new type of display which is somehow better than OLED displays. While retaining equally bright and have equal colour reproduction as well as equal deep blacks, this Micro-LED display consumes less battery due to the materials used here. This new display has inorganic gallium nitride compound, while the OLED uses organic compounds. Another advantage of using Micro-LED display is the thickness. It will be sleeker than OLED panels, which will make it easy to place in-display fingerprint sensor into the smartphones. The only drawback of this display over OLED is the production. It’s more difficult and time taking process to manufacture these displays, as compared to OLED.

Well as of now Apple is in the very beginning stage to manufacture these displays, reports suggest that Apple might skip this project if the things will not go in their desired direction. But if everything will go according to Apple, still it will take few years to see these displays on iPhone. Apple will 1st use this display in their Apple Watch. Before Apple, the OEM who went into this direction is Samsung. They showcased ‘The Wall’ TV earlier this year, which houses a 146 inch Micro-LED Display.

So that’s all the information we have as of now. Personally speaking, Samsung might bring these displays in smartphones earlier than Apple, as they are already the king of display panels and they have a successful product being ready with Micro-LED display. Well, what are your thoughts on this? Do share your thoughts in the comment section below. Also, stay tuned with us for more information.


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Source: Bloomberg

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Written by Harsh Sharma

Writer at Technobugg


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