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Best and Easy Way to Take Long Screenshots on PC

So, you have a presentation this weekend with client where you want to show him your work portfolio of developed websites. Wait, there is a problem!


The connection is lost, errr!

Thankfully, you had saved all the screenshots of developed websites where you were able to take long screenshots using advanced web scroll capture tools. This saved your day, right?

Now you have long screenshots of all the websites from top to bottom and you are able to display your client how these websites look.

So, how do these web scroll capture tools work and which are the best tools available to use?

Well, out of tons of these tools available online, here, we have reviewed one of the best screen capture tools for you.

Use TweakShot

TweakShot is the best screen capture & video recording software available to take long screenshots, edit images, capture your screen, and more. You can use TweakShot to take scrolling screenshots on windows 10 , screenshots of full screen or an active window, any rectangular area, and more as a graphics file.

You can also use this smart screen capture solution to edit images with features like cropping, resizing, highlighting, and more.

Why TweakShot?

TweakShot offers tons of useful applications to help you perform various tasks effortlessly. You can use this tool for:

Business Use: You can use TweakShot to make a demonstration video, capture web conference, record voice commentary and web feed, and more.

Teaching and Training: Use TweakShot to record online class lectures, add annotations, make presentations, and more.

Studying: TweakShot helps you record streaming lectures, online webinars, various events, and more.

General Use: TweakShot is comprehensive screen capture tool you can use for various usage. You can use it to save video chats, record short video clips, and more.

Features of TweakShot

TweakShot offers mountains of useful features controlled by a smart console. You can click on big blue eye to select & capture screenshot instantly. Here, you need to drag & select the screen area to capture it. Let’s review which features you can access from TweakShot’s smart console.

You can click on the first option to capture rectangular region or selected portion.

If multiple windows are open on your screen, then you can use next option to capture specific/single window.

It also allows you to capture full screen on the desktop.

In the next interesting option, you can capture scrolling screenshot on Windows. For example, you can use TweakShot to capture entire webpage content using this interesting feature.

Capture Video

App also helps you capture videos effortlessly. Here, you can record all screen activities including mouse movements, all onscreen changes, and more. It also helps you record a playing video in real-time. It records video in HD quality sound to deliver effective results.

Color Picker

This smart feature of the app helps you pick any color from the screen and apply it while editing images.

Open in Image Editor

Using this feature, you can open any image in image editor to make necessary changes & edits. In image editor, you can draw lines, arrow, design with pencil, insert text, include a bubble with text, include cursor icon, and more. You can also use pixelate option to add pixelate in content and more.

Upload Edited Images

Once you are done editing images using TweakShot, you can simply upload them to cloud servers. It allows you to upload images to OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox. To do this, it will create the “TweakShot Screen Capture” folder on these drives to keep your work stored.

The Verdict of TweakShot

If you are looking for quick and reliable solution that helps you take screenshot on your PC instantly, then TweakShot should be your choice. This powerful Windows screenshot capture tool offers numerous useful features with extensive user experience. Do try this smart tool and share your experience in the comments below.



Author Bio

Gajendra Singh is working at Systweak, as an Digital Marketing Executive. His potential of writing is PC tips, Android and Mac and Windows software tricks and he is anxious in writing other technical blogs. You can also find Gajendra on Facebook, and Instagram

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