What are the best guitar and Music Apps?

What are the best guitar and Music Apps?

The guitar has been classified as one of the most commonly-used instruments in pop music nowadays. With that said, it basically is hard to imagine a band which does not make use of any kind of this instrument. One of the greatest feats associated with modern technology, on the other hand is its integration to the arts, specifically in the realm of music. Thanks to it, a lot of the things musicians would manually do on their instruments, specifically their guitars, have now been made much simpler. As a matter of fact, people are now able to get downloadable free music, among others as a part of this innovation.

Apart from downloadable free music that guitar players could jam along with and learn, there are several other things that used to be done on guitars manually or by ear, such as tuning them, that have been “digitalized”, and thus could be done on an app you could just download and use through a smart phone. If you love your guitar and if you want to take your guitar playing experience up a notch, the following are 15 of the best guitar and music apps which you could make use of.

Guitar Lessons by Guitar Tricks

This free app as 11,000 Comprehensive Lessons to learn various musical genres on the guitar. It also features and Artist Studies section which allows you to know more on how the guitarists you look up to, as well as song-specific tutorials do their thing and work.

PocketAmp: Guitar Amp and Effects

If you want an app that allows you to have high quality sound from your guitar, then this is the perfect one. It is equipped with 4 cabs, 7 effects, and 4 amps. Not only this, it allows you to jam along with your favorite tracks as well by syncing with the iTunes Library.

Songster Tabs and Chords

To those who wish to have a buddy to guide you with your guitar playing, then this is the perfect app. It has a tab scrolling feature as well as a solo mode that allows you to listen to the guitar-only version of a song, as well as a count-in option to give you time for preparations during guitar play.

FunkBox Drum Machine

Drums are instruments that bring any musical composition alive. It could be bulky, however. With this app, you are able to play a-la vintage drum machine, with a wide array of classic boxes and rhythm patterns to choose from.


This is an app that allows you to place the whole band in the palm of your hand as you practice your guitar playing. There are close to 50 styles of accompaniment you could make use of, and it also has a recording feature.


Say goodbye to music sheets with this app! OnSong allows you to manage chord charts the digital, interactive way. You could easily reorder set lists as well as flip from one page or song to anther with ease. Songs could also be imported from sources, and you could have a built-in editor as well.

Songtree Recorder

No man, or musician in this case, is an island. You could record your songs, upload them to your page for the community to listen, and from there you could just watch your following grow, as on this app. It has a metronome as well as built-in sound effects.

Music Memos

If you want to record without having to go to the studio, then this is the perfect one for you. This app pairs well with guitars as high-quality and uncompressed audio. The app itself helps to detect your tempo, rhythmic feel, and chords.

Special Mentions

There are several apps out there on either the Play Store for Android Users, and the App Store for iOS users. Some of these note-worthy apps include Fretboard Hero, and app for easy and fun guitar tutorials, iShred LIVE, GuitarTapp PRO, OneTrack:Backing Tracks for Pros, JamUp Pro, BIAS Amp, and Guitar Tuna.  While each of them are guitar apps, these aforementioned ones enable you to properly tune and manage your guitar in order for you to have the best playing experience possible.


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