Destiny Warfare Makes Its Way To Google Play Store

Destiny Warfare a First Person Shootout is just launched in Google Play Store. If you are an avid mobile gamer then this game is specially made for you. Azur Interactive has been making heavy graphics game with the immense storyline. Popular games like Modern Strike, World War hero’s, GTR speed rivals, Robot Warfare are some of the popular titles among the users.

Destiny Warfare makes its way to Google Play store

The game is sized at 500MB with apk of 27MB.Some features of the game are listed below-

  • Clans

What a game without friends? Invite your friends and make chaos in the game.

  • Variety Weapons

Choose from a variety of weapons.Sniper, Rpg, Assault rifles, SMG, LMG, Pistols etc all available at your disposal with custom made

  • Environmental Interactions

Gravity, Storm, Smoke, Wind all can affect you be aware!

  • High 3D graphics

Immersive Graphics with high 3D depth effect and amazing Surround sound.

Destiny Warfare makes its way to Google Play store

  • Low-end Optimizations

Using Lower End phone? No trouble the game will itself select best resolution and frame rate for Lag-free performance

  • Various Game Modes

Choose from Deathmatch, Flag capture, Rush mode, Hardcore etc

  • Easy controls

Maneuverability at its best! Easy controls minimum interference but boasting many options!

Destiny Warfare makes its way to Google Play store


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