Can you earn Paytm cash playing games online?

With the advent in software technologies and innovation, playing games on an app is only a click away. Players nowadays find it very easy to access their favourite games via specially built applications on their smartphones. Not only can these applications make gaming smoother for gamers, but they also provide them with numerous lucrative opportunities. Some apps encourage you to play games and give you the chance to win something in exchange.


Can I play games and earn money from Paytm?

Paytm is one of the leading providers of payment systems. Many players use Paytm as their transaction method in-game apps regularly. Apart from this, some leading gaming applications make it possible to play games and earn money from Paytm as well.

For individuals who enjoy football, board games, competitions, trivia and all entertainment, Paytm First Games is an all-in-one app created by Paytm. Paytm First Games is a special gaming platform that enables users of Paytm to play different games and turn their winnings into cash using Paytm.


More about Paytm First Games

  • The Paytm First Games app is 100% legitimate, safe and secure. The software is designed by Paytm itself and comes with the stamp of faith of Paytm.
  • There is a huge range of online games in Paytm First Games, ranging from action genres to card games to pool games and even solitaire. For anyone wanting to play free games for fun and win great prizes, it is the perfect destination.
  • You may also collect regular bonus deals or take part in unique tournaments every day to win real cash.
  • Paytm First Games guarantees that your gaming experience is 100% stable and secure.
  • Paytm First Games provide a large set of immersive and satisfying games for gamers to play.
  • All you need is an Android smartphone, a Paytm app, and an internet connection to play Paytm First Games.
  • You can select from a broad variety of topics, including algebra, technology, and general knowledge.
  • Rummy, fantasy, football, chess, ludo, clash royale, quiz, action, and racing games with over 300+ games.

Some of the top games that are popular with Paytm First Games users are:

There are also several other games besides these games that captivate you and help you earn cash from Paytm as well. It is very fun to play the games listed here and you can play them alone or with your friends or family.

So let’s take a look at what all these best Paytm First games are, without more ado?


Games from Paytm First


Here are some games from Paytm First Games to begin with:


Ludo by Paytm First Games

Because of COVID-19, Ludo has become a trending game in every household during this pandemic, where multiple players can play online. In India, the success of Paytm Cash Games goes back to time immemorial, making it one of the best games to earn money from Paytm.

You’ll also get a Rs 50 sign-up bonus from Paytm when you sign up for this game. As Paytm is the developer of this game, this app is 100% secured. The great thing is that after you download this software, you can play games of your choosing.


Paytm First Fantasy Cricket

If you get this addictive game on Paytm First, you will never get bored whenever you are free. You can win free cash from Paytm by following the steps: 

  • First, sign up with Paytm and get an Rs. 50 download bonus.
  • Earn from your successful referral made from your referral link
  • For every game played, you can earn points and the earned points can be exchanged for phone recharges as you advance to higher stages of the game.


Teen Patti with Paytm

One of the most popular games that come next in our list is Teen Patti. You can download Teen Patti apps and play for paytm cash or free chips. Teen Patti being so popular among Indian gaming population, this app is in high demand. Apart from this, there are some other Teen Patti apps to try. Let us see 2 of them:

  • Teen Patti Octro

Teen Patti Octro is a game that helps you to play multiple Teen Patti models. Variants like Joker, Muflis, AK47, Lowest Joker, 999, Faceoff, 4x Boot, and Spinning Joker are available to you to play. The app is compatible with all smartphones running iOS and Android.

By using free chips, you can play Teen Patti for free on this app. The app also provides players who log in periodically with free chips. You may choose to purchase more after using these free chips or wait until you get more free chips.


  • Teen Patti Gold

Another great Teen Patti app is Teen Patti Gold. The app can be found in the App Store and on Google Play. More than one game variety is also given by Teen Patti Gold. You can play in Hindi, Gujarati, English and Marathi. Upon installing the app, you get free chips to play. You’re going to have to buy after you’ve used your free chips to continue.


What are the other sites or apps to consider? 



Rummy Circle is a trendy rummy game for users from around the world, where you can win up to 500 as a referral incentive. “Deal of the Day” is the best thing about this gaming app, where you can earn large numbers of gaming points and convert these points into real cash.

Rummy governing body The Rummy Federation (TRF) has certified Rummy Circle. You can get as a sign-up incentive Rs 2000 that you can use to play and win money by using tricks.


MPL – Mobile Premier League

In India, MPL is one of the biggest gaming apps. It has 50+ best cash generating games for Paytm that you will find fun and will help you earn a good amount of Paytm money.

MPL is Royal Challengers Bangalore’s official sponsor for the IPL 2020 (Indian Premier League), making it one of the most famous apps for cricket lovers.

MPL not only holds several tournaments to entertain their gamers and help them gain a decent amount of cash. Paytm, UPI, Amazon Pay, and even direct bank withdrawal are some of the methods by which you can redeem your earnings.


Why would you play spending your time? Answer is, Pocket Money

This Paytm cash games app will allow you to earn your pocket money that is transferable into Paytm Wallet cash, as the name of this app ‘Pocket Money’ implies.

Tambola is another exciting game to enjoy on this app. Besides this, you can also earn money by downloading software, watching videos, and visiting blogs. The Pocket Money app’s business strategy is to make money from advertisers and it will give you a share of its earnings.



In a short period, Paytm First Games has become the best gaming app in India. When you play and win, all your winning money is automatically transferred into your Paytm pocket as Paytm money. When you play online games on Paytm First Games, awesome gaming and stability are also guaranteed, be it a fast-paced arcade, action, racing, sports, cards or even puzzles. All in all, Paytm games are an overall package where you can enjoy as well as earn some cash!

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