How to Choose a Cheap Smartphone: 3 Easy Tips

Cheap Smartphone

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Some people believe that they should have the most expensive phones, regardless of their income. Yet, today users can access all programs, including the Amazon app, this online casino, or Netflix even on the Cheap Smartphone. But not all phones work perfectly. Want to make the right decision? Then follow these tips.



Choose a Screen With an IPS Matrix and Full HD Resolution

One characteristic that is important to almost everyone is the quality of the screen. A good screen does not distort the image. The matrix is responsible for image quality. On today’s smartphones you can find three types of matrix: TN, IPS and OLED. The latter, as a rule, is installed on expensive flagship models. TN-matrix is installed on Cheap Smartphone, and in recent years it is used more and more rarely. It does not convey colors very accurately and limits viewing angles.


IPS matrix is installed in most smartphones. It can be seen on both cheap and expensive models. IPS accurately transmits colors, does not distort the image and does not limit viewing angles.


It is important to pay attention to the screen resolution. It is calculated in pixels. The optimal resolution for a smartphone with an IPS matrix is 1920×1080 pixels, i.e. Full HD.

Get a Smartphone That Fits Comfortably in Your Hand

Since most of the smartphone is a screen, its size is often determined by the size of the screen. Today, the most popular screens are 5″ and 5.5″ with an aspect ratio of 18:9. Such smartphones are difficult to fit in your pocket, but they have a large display, they are comfortable to hold in your hand. There are model Cheap Smartphone with a diagonal of 4″. They are light and compact, you can easily put them in a pocket or a small bag, but it is not very convenient to work with them for a long time.

Give Preference to Android Gadgets

The most popular operating systems today are iOS and Android. iOS is an exclusive development of Apple, so it is found only on iPhones, which are quite expensive. Android is a more common platform. On it you can find both expensive and quite budget models.


Some Cheap Smartphone models install the Android Go operating system. This is an optimized version of Android for low-cost smartphones with up to 1GB of RAM. Android Go takes up half as much memory, and it makes your smartphone run faster. Android Go smartphones are as inexpensive as possible. They are not fast, but they are smooth and cope with all the basic tasks.

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