DesignCap and Other Tools to Create Infographics
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DesignCap and Other Tools to Create Infographics

DesignCap is a pretty useful online tool to makes us amateurs like pro designers. In this article I will talk about DesignCap and other tools to create infographics.

Get started with DesignCap

DesignCap is the easiest application for bloggers or website owners who are not designers. It has numerous professionally designed templates for your business, event, social media, and more for all kinds of topics like infographic, YouTube channel art, poster, business car, birthday invitation, Facebook ads, Instagram post, etc.

In this infographic making tool, you’ll find a wide selection of shapes like lines, dots, circles, rectangles, triangles, and other shapes to decorate your design. It also offers millions of icons for searching online. You can choose one and alter it to your liking.

In term of photo adding in DesignCap, it allows you to search from millions of stock photos online like icons. Alternatively, you can upload your own photos to your account from your local folders. Once you add your photos into the design, adjust its filter, apply effect, and change its hue, contrast, saturation, size, etc. to meet your needs.

Like many other photo graphic tools online, DesignCap makes it possible to choose and apply text styles from a large number of predefined designs. There is a long list of beautiful text styles at the left part under the Text tab. And all this can be done with a few mouse clicks.

The Modules section in its latest version is very amazing for those who want to make infographics with Options, Steps, Diagrams, Statistics, etc. It’s very flexible to replace them with your own words or graphic and make some personal touches.

To learn how to get the most out of DesignCap, I suggest you fabulous tutorials here:

Tools to create infographics and other photo graphics

If you are a blogger or a website own, you know that adding some beautiful photo graphics in your website content is as important as the content itself. For some beginners like me to make photo graphics, we’d better to search some easy to use tools online and make our designs amazingly and quickly. Here I suggest you a website Techpcvipers which recommends many types of tools for photography for reference. And in this article, I’ll mention several other tools to create infographics and other photo graphics.


Another one of the best known Canva alternatives to create infographics is It also offers perfect solutions for the creation of eBooks, presentations, videos, photography, social media, web experiences, and illustrations. “Telling stories with data.” This claim leaves no doubt about what they claim. All you have to do is tell them who you are, what you do, and what you intend to achieve. And they will generate a unique and visually excellent document quickly. is available for social media fans and community managers. offers a different point of view to the users since it allows you to create infographics from the data obtained from the social networks Facebook and Twitter. For example, starting from a hashtag, it is possible to create an infographic with the information collected from the platform. It would offer a handy outline view to see everything that has happened on the same topic at a glance. This tool is potent for making many types of graphic designs, but it’s somewhat difficult for those who have less knowledge of design skills.

2. BeFunky

As another easy tool of Canva alternatives, BeFunky is also a great application to help you create beautiful, persuasive, and useful images. It offers easy-to-design templates and hundreds of design elements along with more than 430,000 free Pixabay images.

This tool helps you transform complex data into visually appealing stories. BeFunky is easy to use: Just select a template, customize the theme with images and icons, and adjust the text, colors in the design. It is also a tool to help non-designers create professional-looking diagrams and edit photographs as trained professionals. The infographic maker is a part of your design package.

Besides infographic design, BeFunky allows you to create almost all types of banners for social networks, flyers, posters, cards, brochures. Indeed, you can free yourself from the limitations of complicated software and create unique designs with the ease of imagining, dragging, and dropping.

3. Venngage

Venngage is another free online tool for creating and publishing infographics simply and easily. This tool provides users with a wide variety of templates, themes, and icons. The application also has features that allow you to animate your images to add more movement to your graphics. Therefore, it is a perfect interactive infographics program.

It is said that the original name is coming from the merger of John Venn (famous British mathematician and philosopher) with the term engage (involve or involve someone in something). This website gives us all the necessary tools not only to create infographics but any other type of graphic.

It has absolutely spectacular predefined templates and themes for you to choose from. You can see its main features:

  • Venngage is classified into three sectors: plans, nonprofit, and education.
  • And it offers different customizable infographic templates and themes.
  • It allows the user to import data directly from their spreadsheets.
  • You can drag the widgets directly to the blank sheet.
  • It gives you the facility to insert and link your infographics on your blog or website.

DesinCap is my favorite. It is so simple and intuitive to complete an idea infographic. It is free but to qualify for some items you have to pay small amounts.

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