How to Edit PDF Slides
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How to Edit PDF Slides

Many people like to use slides when they need to present their work to a client or their colleagues. Teachers also use slides in the classroom. A slideshow presentation gives a professional look and the audience can have a better understanding of the topic that is being presented. Slideshows are visually appealing which makes students and clients and any other type of audience much interested and intrigued. Moreover, the presenter can remind himself about the flow of the presentation, by simply flipping through the slides.


These are only some of the advantages and reasons why people use slides. The most common program that is used to make a slideshow is definitely Microsoft PowerPoint or its alternatives. It is very easy to create a slideshow presentation and plus you can use already prepared themes that are available for free.


Why is it better to save a presentation in PDF?

When you create a presentation in PowerPoint, you will probably want to print it or to move it another device. If you want to provide your audience with the copies of your presentation, you will definitely print it.

On the other hand, if you will use a projector or another computer at the meeting office or at school, you need to transfer the presentation.

In all these situations, it is more convenient to save a PowerPoint presentation as a PDF. Here are the reasons why:

  • Unlike PowerPoint, PDF file format keeps the layout of a document no matter what operating system you use. PPT files may not look the same on different versions of Windows whereas PDF document remains unchanged. If you want to transfer the file to another device, convert it to PDF first.
  • When printing document, again it is better to use PDF format. It is known as the best file format that can be used for printing.
  • PDF files are better viewed on mobile devices. Many mobile devices have an integrated PDF viewer and it is almost certain that you will be able to open your presentation on a mobile phone.
  • If you need to upload a presentation on the cloud or to send it by email, again, use PDF and no need to worry if the presentation will look the same on a different computer.

When do you need to convert PDF to PPT?

These are some situations when you need to convert PDF slides back to PowerPoint:

  • You have saved your presentation in a PDF and you need to make additional changes.
  • A presentation was downloaded from the web and you want to use it in PowerPoint.
  • You only have a printed copy of the presentation and you need to scan it in order to transfer it to a computer.
  • You have received a presentation via email, in PDF.

If you have ever found yourself in one of these situations, no need to panic. With this PDF to PPT tool you can convert PDF files, even scanned ones.

How to Convert PDF to PPT

Since this is a web-based tool, you need to have a browser installed on your device (a computer, a phone, a tablet) and the internet access. You can use this tool on any device. It would be logical to use it on a device where your PDF is located because the tool can access only the PDF files that are on the same device.

Click on the button Choose File, select the PDF file and click Open.

How to Edit PDF Slides

Then enter your email address and click Start. You can expect the converted file to your inbox in a few moments. The speed of the conversion depends on the file size, internet speed and how busy are the servers.

When you receive an email, you need to click on the provided link where you can download your file.

If your file is scanned, you don’t need to apply different steps to do a conversion.

Once you download and save the converted file on your computer, you can open it in PowerPoint or any other alternative you have and make the changes.


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