Effective Ways to Keep Your Data Safe

The only thing that matter in a device is the data which is created and saved while all the other software and applications can be removed from device anytime and can be reinstalled as well. But the data which is created by user is different and important as it can cause catastrophic outcomes in case of data loss. Any company or business market have their important files documentations about their team members and employees, their personal history, including the financial records of the company.

  •         Updating the operating system of device:

Companies dealing with hard drive and software often provide its users with updates with fixes the bug and any other damage via patch management. So it is important to click for updates when the icon of updates shows up on device and make sure if the device gets completely updated, otherwise ignoring these updates may cause the user to lose his important files. Users need to check this issue specifically in case of operating system of mobile phones.

  •         Setting a unique password:

One of the best thing for keeping all the data secured is setting a genuine password to the device and the best option is setting the same password on all other social accounts which will make it easier for the user to remember the password. This option would work better if the user wants to protect all the data on his personal computer but in case of mobile phone he need to be a little more careful. He must set up a strong password, unique pattern for security or a fingerprint of user will also work best for securitization of all the important data in phone.

  •         Turn off notifications of lock-screen:

Usually the notifications in a phone shows up even after the phone is locked, which is not a positive thing as there comes a situation when the mobile is not in hands of user himself and in that case the other person can access all the notifications which includes the personal information of the user. In order to keep the personal messages and other information away from others eyes one need to check this option in settings phone which allows users to turn off the notifications of lock screen.

  •         Increasing the security of phone’s app:

Other than creating a secure and strong password it is important to increase the security of all applications installed on smartphone. Applocker is a feature or software specially designed for this purpose and it operates same like the lock screen of mobile. It is highly beneficial in a case if a mobile gets stolen. If the apps are locked then they remain safe even after user go through any mishap like in a situation where his mobile is stolen, the other person will not be able to open the user’s apps as they were locked with a strong and genuine password. Other than that the applocker also help the users to decide which applications to operate and recommends the verification of software.


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Written by Gerry Wilson


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