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Essential PH-1 Passed Through FCC Certification, Could Launch In USA Soon

Last month the new OEM Essential by Andy Rubin (one of the mastermind behind the Android OS) unveiled their first smartphone named as Essential PH-1. It packs some Premium specs like Snapdragon 835 SoC, bezel-less display, multi functional pogo pins and Quad HD display. But at the time of Launch they just mentioned that the phone will be available by the end of June, but where or in which region ? Now we have an answer to this now. Also seems like this phone will have water resistance.


The Essential PH-1 is now certified by FCC & it means that the phone is going to be available 1st in USA. Those who don’t know, FCC Federal Communications Commission) is a Government body in USA which approves smartphones as well as all communication device to enter in US market, just like TENAA in China. It has a model no. of A11. FCC also indicates that this phone will support most of the US carrier like AT&T, Sprints and Verizon.


Now talking about the water resistance feature, a person asked from Essential that : ‘is there any news about water resistance ?’ to which Essential’s Twitter handle replied that : ‘Hey Ahmed, we’re finalizing the testing to validate our official IP rating’. So now the question is why they did hurry to announce the phone while they didn’t got IP certification. They can wait for certification & later announced the phone, it would created more hype & will help a lot in marketing.


So that’s all the information we have as of now. We hope that they will launch the phone in other regions like UK, Europe, Asia-Pacific, etc. We also hope that they will get IP certification on time & they will create more hype with this feature. Stay tuned with us for more information.



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Source: FCC, Via: GSMArena

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