Everything About Google Duplex

Everything About Google Duplex

Back in last week, the Mountain View company Google took the Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the next level with a new technology called Google Duplex. Using this technology, Google showed a demo at the event and it impressed all the people who were presented at the event as well as the other people of the world.

With the Google Duplex, the company wants to make life easier for the users. As the new technology will do things automatically and save time for a user and in this way they can be free and also the user will get the feeling of having an assistant in real (not virtual). At the event, the search giant Google showed that the Google Duplex and the new AI that can call and carry a conversation for the user.

What is Google Duplex

It is a new name of Artificial Intelligence (not really, but you can say like that) and the technology is implemented in the Google Assistant and it will work in the background for you and do automatic things. It can answer the phone calls (and as shown in the demo), Duplex can carry out various activities for a user, as it can call and book an appointment for haircut or book a table for you at the restaurant.

The best part, Google Duplex can speak and voice sounds just like a human like a real human. As it makes ‘hmm’, ‘ah’, which feels it soo natural and reflect like thinking or understanding.

How it achieved

The all new Google Duplex powered by the TensorFlow Extended (TFX) Machine Learning platform to make a Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) with the speech processing tasks handled through an Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Text To Speech (TTS) engines controlling intonation depending on the different situations.

The company wants to use the user’s own voice when placing calls, building on the company’s WaveNet tech to train a new voice rapidly, instead of adding every word in a dictionary.


Google in no hurry to roll out the feature for the general public and it is planning to launch for limited users in this summer, and the developing tech will learn more in coming days and it will only roll out widely when it gets very high success rate. And I believe that the company will make the Google Duplex before the next Google I/O developers conference.

So, the new technology which Google is baking is really awesome as it can do various things even without a user’s attention and we also need to see how it will work and how Google will secure the privacy of a user. And we will get all the answer when it will be launched, and don’t forget to share your thoughts about the Google Duplex in the comment section below!

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