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Oh, how most of us love to keep our files protected from hack and theft. That is why we always keep them in PDF or portable document format because it is the best way to save a file electronically. It primarily uses an intricate software design that wraps all essential components to display any document in any way the author wants it and keeps it that way.

More than that, PDF files rarely get damaged and corrupted. If that happens, we can immediately repair it online using a repair tool or box. We can also lock PDF files with passwords. And when senior moments happen, we don’t even have to panic because there is also a password remover tool available online. Below will tell you everything about it.

Why do we lock PDF files?

Before we get deeper, let’s know the whys and wherefores for locking files, as they can be as varied as for the reason of creating it. Primarily, we lock files with passwords because there is a need to control who can access and modify them. Human as we are, we forget passwords but worry no more because we’ll show you an awesome unlock PDF file tool in this article.

Anyhow, we keep files confidential because we need to protect documents from copyright infringement, protect the integrity of the document, protect it from unauthorized modification, and protect it from unauthorized access and. All stated are the legal basis; that is why there is a need for many of us PDF users to learn how to unlock pdf. Let’s proceed then.

How to remove password on PDF files? 

Let us begin with the two types of secured PDF files we need to know. First is the user locked files, which requires a password only to read it, and opening it with no password is impossible. The second is the owner-locked files, which requires a password to copy, modify, or print the documents. If the password is forgotten, GogoPDF can help.

GogoPDF is an online suite that helps users manage their PDF files. They have created an online toolbox to handle PDF files, including unlocking passwords for free easily. Below is their password unlocker (for owner locked files only) step-by-step procedure.

Step 1: Prepare the files you need to unlock and put them in one folder for easy access.

Step 2: Connect to the internet, open any web browser, and go to  

Step 3: Choose your files for unlocking on your device or online storage app, then drag and drop them at the PDF password unlocker box. GogoPDF will immediately start the unlocking process. Wait until it finishes the decryption sweep.

Step 4: Download your unsecured PDF files and save them to your library, online drive, or you can even share it on your social media accounts just by copying the link.

Step 5: Share the unsecured PDF file via email to another recipient with a personalized message.

What are the features of unlocking the site before doing it?

Rather than becoming frustrated, use trusted online sites that specialize in dealing with PDF files like GogoPDF because in doing so, your work will be much more comfortable, and you will save yourself from mental problems. However, make sure first that the site you use has the following features.

The process is user friendly

We mean the process is simple to do and will not eat much of users’ time. Just like with GogoPDF, no need to type usernames and passwords because removing the encryption from files is as easy as five clicks. Also, selecting the files, dropping them to the box, decrypting, saving, and downloading takes only a few minutes.

Security boundaries 

Go only with sites with security boundaries or those that process owner-locked PDF files only, like GogoPDF because it only means they abide by the law. Unlocking highly encrypted files is a more profound process and violates the law, which GogoPDF does not offer. If the site you went to allow this, then be warned, you are putting yourself and your files at risk.

Compatible across all browser and platform

Choose an online site like GogoPDF, which intends to make every customer experience seamless. To do that effectively and efficiently, all their tools, including decrypting boxes, works with all operating systems or OS, such as but not limited to Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Furthermore, it is also necessary that their tools are designed compatible with leading browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Therefore, even if their use is on the move, the tool is accessible. All he needs are his PDF files, any device, and an internet connection.


PDF is always a great format to keep our files safe and secured with a password. However, we are forgetful because of the many passwords that we need to keep track of. If that happened, you now know what to do to decrypt or remove passwords with your files. Visit a trustworthy, user-oriented site with an independent online tool like GogoPDF.



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